Chop to it at the Chopstick Walk

Treat your palette to something new.

Experience the rich and colourful flavours of Asian cuisine without ever leaving the York Region. With more than two dozen participating restaurants, there are practically as many cuisine options to choose from as there are grains of rice found in the side bowl accompanying that stir-fry.

The Experiences


Prepare yourself for big taste while trying a small sampling of what each of these restaurants have to offer from their sampling menus.

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Get rolling with your own sushi creations during a cooking class, or even try your hand at Chinese calligraphy.

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Face Change Performance

Appeal to your sense of taste (beyond what your taste buds are seeking) with an evening of mesmerizing cultural performance.

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Broaden your cultural horizons with traditionally prepared dishes that are equally authentic as they are innovative.

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Did You Know?

Originally created as a snack to accompany a hot cup of tea, Dim Sum are small, Cantonese or Hokkien bundles of food that are perfect for sharing. Think of them as Asian tapas, served from bamboo or metal steamer baskets. All you need to do is sit, relax, and let good things come to you, as dim sum selections are wheeled around on a cart and brought right to your table. From typical dumplings and buns to meat-based selections and even desserts, you can get your fill on a variety of different options.

Dim Sum

Try Dim Sum at Ding Tai Fung Restaurant


The secret is out: face-changing performances are a cultural Chinese treasure and visually stunning for spectators to witness. What once was a traditional, secret performance art among Chinese Sichuan opera troupes has now been unmasked to a wider, international audience outside of China. Onlookers can marvel as traditionally costumed performers quickly and skillfully switch from one vibrant mask to the next right before their eyes. All this takes place to the upbeat tempo of flutes, drums and cymbals intermingling with operatic voices for a crescendo of a production.

Face Change Performance

Face Change performances every Wednesday at Dragon Legend


Tea culture is an important aspect of daily Chinese life, and tea itself is considered one of seven necessities essential to starting your daily routine. As an element so ingrained into everyday ritual, having a deeper appreciation of tea becomes important. Through the art of tea tasting, you can thoughtfully evaluate the nuances of a specific tea, from its colour and fragrance to the quality of water it’s brewed from and the style of teapot it’s served within. It is no wonder tea is valued for its Zen-like qualities that bring harmony and peace to those who taste it and unity among those who share it together.

Chinese Tea

Attend a Tea Appreciation Event


Chefs rule with an iron griddle at teppanyaki restaurants, where this Japanese style of cooking comes to life right before your eyes. From the vantage point of your table, situated alongside the iron grill or within close proximity, you can watch as your personal chef grills up steak or fish fillets, morsels of chicken, vegetables, eggs and rice, often with charismatic style and acrobatic antics to keep you entertained.


Checkout Akasaka Japanese Restaurant & Teppenyaki Steak House


Do-It-Yourselfers and grill enthusiasts alike will enjoy this hands-on approach to Asian cuisine. At a Korean barbeque style restaurant, you take matters into your own hands by grilling your own dinner right at your table, where a built-in grill adorns every tabletop. Fire plus meat plus personal preference on grilling times and selections make for a fun-filled evening of dining out. Added bonus: since it’s not your kitchen, no clean up required afterward – just eat, enjoy and head home filled to your heart’s content. (Did we mention Korean BBQ’s typically all you can eat?)

Korean BBQ

Try Korean BBQ at The Korean Grill House


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