A Roast Beast Feast

Let’s all get together! It’s that time of year!
Gather your loved ones for some yuletide cheer.
Drinks, treats, and baking for the holiday feast,
… and let’s not forget the delicious roast beast!

Why should you stress in the crowds at the store,
When you can get in your sleigh, gather foods, and explore?
At YDH, we love tasty delights,
To those who do not, we wish you a good night.

At this time of year, it does seem quite fitting
To pour a short glass, for some fireside sitting.
For those in your crew who enjoy a good brew
Or a spirited cocktail, let merriment ensue.

GRAND SPIRITS Distillery with local vodka and gin,
Your very first sip will result in a grin.
Last Straw Distillery has tasty sweet rum,
Like their “Dark Side of the Moonshine”… oh yummity yum!

Perhaps you are mellow and delight in sweet wine?
Well, we’ve got what you need… all are tasty and fine.
We have so many options it will make your eyes mist.
So to help you along, here is our top list!

When it comes to hard ciders, we know what you need,
Tart tasty liquids that make your mouth plead.
“Give me more!” you will cry – and so then we offer
A list of fine choices to add to your coffer.

Brews, brews, brews. That’s all we can say…
We have so many great ones, we cannot parlay.
Here are some places to put in your cap
They pour that sweet nectar straight out of the tap.




And now my friends, prepare for the feast…
Oh the feast… Oh the feast … and the tasty roast beast!
Let’s start with dessert – it’s much better this way
Candy, pies, butter tarts… and chocolate parfait!

Fill your basket with candy from the Nutty Chocolatier,
And then grab MORE treats at these places quite dear.
Old Fire Hall Confectionery. Rosemont General Store.
With sweets so delish you can’t help but want more.

For the official third course, we aim to please…
Butter tarts from The Maids Cottage and Fromage for some cheese.
I ALMOST FORGOT! We need a charcuterie board!
The Passionate Cooks Essentials …your guests will be floored.

Now for the beast, the tasty roast beast,
The most important guest at the holiday feast.
Landman Gardens and Bakery for delectable hams…
Heatherlea Farm Market for turkeys and yams!

But there’s another roast beast, you might say “what luck!”
Tempt your taste buds with …a yummy roast duck.
Visit King Cole Ducks for all things quacky….
Duck fat potatoes and confit ain’t that wacky.

The roast duck will melt in your mouth with a zing.
Your guests will all gasp. Your praises they’ll sing.
They’ll wonder aloud: “How on earth did you do it?”
Then you’ll give a coy smile, and take-in the moment.

Do you tell them your secret? Your YDH clue.
We may be biased, but we hope that you do!
Visit our regions, and spread the good cheer,
Time and again, you’ll be back the next year!