Alton Mill Arts Centre

Feature - Alton MillWhat were once the dilapidated remnants of an old stone mill have now been lovingly restored into the Alton Mill Arts Centre. This award-winning heritage building is alive with creativity as the quarters for more than 25 artists and their studios. The centre also houses several galleries, a heritage museum, café and retail space.

The remodelling of the building began in 2006 and was completed in 2009. The redesign kept as many of the original heritage attributes of the building as was possible, while also integrating modern architecture and design elements. The result today is a unique space that is not only remarkable in style but also “green” in construction.

Among the centre’s lovely and well-lit space that features natural wooden beams and high ceilings, visitors can frequent the many galleries that feature photography, paintings and handcrafted pieces of artwork. You’ll also have the opportunity to pop into the many artist and artisan studios to see the creative minds at work. Sculptors, photographers, jewellers, furniture designers, painters and fashion designers are all under one roof, and not only can you see their most recent works but you can purchase any must-haves you spot.

The heritage exhibit provides a glimpse of the mechanics once used in the mill, from the original turbine to a vintage coal boiler. It’s interesting to see all the equipment that was necessary in the 1800s to bring the mill to life.

Alton Mill Art Centre is situated in Caledon on a lovely piece of property that’s yours to enjoy during your visit. Take a hike through the neighbouring woodlands or skate on the pond in the colder months. The centre’s grounds are a lovely place to snap some family photos with such a picturesque backdrop.

Galleries are open Wednesday through Sunday and Holiday Mondays, 10 am to 5pm. Studio hours may vary.

1402 Queen St.
Caledon, ON
L7K 0C3

(519) 941-9300



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