Magnotta Winery

You’re in for a tasty treat with a visit to Magnotta, Canada’s third largest winery nestled in the heart of Vaughan and only 20 minutes from downtown Toronto. Magnotta has been bottling up excellence for almost 25 years and currently boasts more than 3,500 awards for its palate pleasing, liquid delights. A state-of-the-art facility enables the winery to squeeze every last drop of flavour from each grape that’s plucked from its vines, which thrive across the more than 180 acres in Magnotta’s Niagara vineyard. To top things up, Magnotta also owns more than 350 acres of international vineyards in Maipo Valley, where the juiciest grapes grow in Chile’s swelling wine country.

Discover for yourself how award-winning wines are created at Magnotta by taking a special tour of the facilities. Free public tours begin daily at 2:00 p.m., last 20 minutes and provide visitors a behind the scenes look into the winery. Wine lovers looking for a deeper experience may be interested in a special VIP tour, which starts from $25 per person and includes tastings and cheese pairings. Don’t be shy, you’re welcome to ask any question you have about the wine making process or the 75,000 square foot Magnotta facility during your tour. Those who love not only a fine wine but also fine art will want to keep their eyes open for Magnotta’s art collection on display, which includes works by the Group of Seven, international artists, and more.

271 Chrislea Rd
Vaughan, ON L4L 8N6

(905) 738-9463

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