Oshawa Zoo

Oshawa Zoo RamFun, family and farm animals – plus some exotic animals too – make for a perfect day at Oshawa Zoo. Operating since 1993, the zoo takes pride in providing the utmost care for its animals, with larger than standard enclosures where green and lush grass grows for the resident animals throughout the year. This means happier animals that guests are often welcome to pet and feed for a highly interactive zoo experience.

The zoo houses more than 40 different species of animals and birds, some more familiar than others. Kids will recognize domestic favourites such as goats, sheep, pot-bellied pigs and donkeys. There are also animals of the more exotic variety ranging from camels and lemurs to monkeys and wallabies. At Oshawa Zoo, every living creature is important and many orphaned or abandoned animals have been rescued and now live here. If you have an extra gentle, tame llama or goat approach you, it’s likely this animal was one of these orphaned animals, now happily in its Oshawa Zoo home.

With a picnic area onsite, bring a bagged lunch and sit with the family in the park-like atmosphere. There’s also a refreshment and food kiosk on the grounds. Family rates are available if you have a larger troupe with you, and if you plan on coming back more than once, season passes are available. There are always new baby animals being brought into the world or new species being welcomed to the zoo, so animals lovers will want to check out this animal park again and again.


Nice weekend days from as soon as the grass is green – mid April 10:30-4:00
Nice weekend days Mid April – Mid September 10-5:00
Nice weekend days Mid September until threat of snow 10:30-4:00
Closed for winter

First week in May – end of school year 10-4:00
Summer – Labour Day 10-5:00
Labour Day – for 2 weeks 10:30-2:00
Closed from Thanksgiving to end of April

The zoo will try to be open all holidays from March Break to Thanksgiving, dependent on the weather.

3377 Grandview Street North
Oshawa, ON
L1H 8L7

(905) 655 5236

Visit the Oshawa Zoo Contact Us page http://www.oshawazoo.ca/contact.html


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