International Visitors

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Prices are typically listed in Canadian dollars and this is the currency of choice in Central Counties. The Bank of Canada website has a currency converter with the latest rates listed daily. Some local stores and businesses may also accept US dollars, but exchange rates will vary.


Rules of the Road

Speed Limits

Speed limits in Canada are stated in kilometres per hour (1 mile = 1.61 kilometres). The maximum speed allowed varies according to the type of roadway. Here are some rules of thumb to follow:

Type of Road Speed Limit
400-series highways 100 kms/hr (62 miles/hr)
Provincial highways and major paved roads 80 kms/hr (50 miles/hr)
Local town and city roads 50 kms/hr (30 miles/hr)


It’s mandatory in Canada to wear a seatbelt when driving or riding as a passenger in a vehicle. Smaller children weighing less than 40 pounds will also need to be secured in a child seat.

While law varies from province to province, it’s typically illegal to talk or text on your phone while driving. Bluetooth devices are allowed.


Crossing the Border

The nearest US border crossings are Buffalo/Fort Erie and Niagara Falls. If traveling from Michigan, you can cross the border at Detroit/Windsor.

Visit Canada Border Services Agency for current border wait times, or call 1-506-636-5064.



Unfamiliar with Canadian holidays? Check the list below before heading to an attraction. We wouldn’t want you to disappointedly find out the sight you’d like to see is closed for the day.

Date Holiday
January 1 New Year’s Day
Third Monday in February Family Day
Friday before Easter Sunday Good Friday
Monday after Easter Sunday Easter Monday *government only
May 24 (or closest prior Monday) Victoria Day
July 1 Canada Day
August (1st Monday) Civic Holiday *not an official statutory holiday
September (1st Monday) Labour Day
October (2nd Monday) Thanksgiving
November 11 Remembrance Day *banks and government only
December 25 Christmas Day
December 26 Boxing Day