Should you pack light or prepare for the elements? Will Mother Nature greet you with a warm embrace or send a cool, refreshing blast your way? The weather in Central Counties varies dramatically from season to season, and even veterans of the area can be caught by surprise. Keep reading for more information on what you can expect depending on the time of year you’re planning your visit.


Warmer winds and slushy streets beneath your feet make for typical spring conditions in Central Counties. Pack an umbrella or raincoat, as rainy periods throughout the day aren’t uncommon. Towards the later half of spring when the ground begins to dry and the tulips begin to bloom, you can expect light sweater weather and a stronger sun that make outdoor activities less messy and very enjoyable.

Average spring temperatures:

Month Celsius Fahrenheit
March -6 to 5 21 to 41
April 0 to 12 32 to 54
May 7 to 19 45 to 66


Grab your sunscreen, towel, fishing rod and hiking boots and take summer into your own hands. The swimmable lakes and park splash pads beckon during the warmer, humid days, but overall Lake Ontario helps keep summer temperatures agreeable and pleasant for more strenuous outdoor activities like hiking or mountain biking. If you do catch a real scorcher of a heat wave, duck inside one of the region’s museums or activity centers for an afternoon to beat the summer heat.

Average summer temperatures:

Month Celsius Fahrenheit
June 12 to 25 54 to 77
July 15 to 27 59 to 81
August 14 to 26 57 to 79


Autumn graces the stage outfitted in a dazzling sheath of fiery reds and burning amber. While the treetop colours are heating up, the temperature itself begins to wind down. Expect cooler winds upon your back and an increased chance of drizzle or light flurries. Bare skin will gladly welcome some extra coverage so pack your scarves, hats and mittens. But don’t let shorter days and a drop in the mercury stop you from enjoying a brisk walk among wooded trails or a round of golf with your friends. There are plenty of spots in town to warm up afterward with a hot beverage and plate of comfort food.

Average fall temperatures:

Month Celsius Fahrenheit
September 9 to 21 49 to 70
October 3 to 14 37 to 57
November -2 to 7 28 to 45


When the snow falls the fun intensifies, especially in Central Counties. Grab a pair of skis and soar down the ski slopes (like at The ROC) or get out the snowshoes and trek down an all-season trail. We recommend packing warm sweaters, insulated jackets and any extra coverage you might need for outdoor adventure. If you don’t have the necessary sports equipment, many local outfitters offer rentals. And for those biting cold days that are bound to happen, why not check out an art gallery, museum, or a local restaurant to pass the time.

Average winter temperatures:

Month Celsius Fahrenheit
December -7 to 1 19 to 34
January -10 to -2 14 to 28
February -11 to -1 12 to 30