Angus Glen Golf Club

A Fresh Spring Menu Overlooking the Green Awaits at Angus Glen’s Silo Grill

Spring, beautiful spring. This is the time of year when the earth awakens from its long, wintry slumber, and everything is fresh and new again. Our golf courses here in York Durham Headwaters are eager to welcome you back for another season—both to the green for a round, and to the restaurant for a meal! At the Silo Grill, Angus Glen Golf Club’s on-site restaurant, you can enjoy the fresh, local flavours of spring surrounded by the stunning vistas of this popular course. And with Chef Griffin VanWinden helping to oversee the spring menu, you can be sure that every ingredient has been selected with care by a passionate professional who loves all things food. Bon Appetit!

Angus Glen Golf Club
Angus Glen Golf Club
Angus Glen Golf Club

Angus Glen Golf Club is YDH’s premier golf destination in the heart of Markham, York Region. The club offers a unique and challenging golf experience for players of all skill levels, and the South Course has hosted numerous PGA Tour events. Whether you’ve come to play or come to eat, the Silo Grill beckons you to enjoy a tantalizing spring menu in the newly renovated restaurant space. It’s the perfect complement to your day on the course, or for a special trip out with friends, family and loved ones.

Chef Griffin is currently the Acting Executive Chef for the Silo Grill, and oversees both the restaurant and the banquet kitchen. “Our current executive chef at Silo is Kartik Sharma,” he says. “He works on the day-to-day execution of everything, and in my position, I oversee the operations—making sure things are running smoothly, that we’re bringing in the best product to use in our menus, overseeing the costing. That kind of thing.” Chef Griffin gives high praise to Chef Kartik, pointing to his strong background and wealth of culinary knowledge. With over five years of experience at Angus Glen, Chef Griffin is able to assist Chef Kartik with his overall knowledge of how both sides of the kitchens operate and what Angus Glen’s guests and members tend to like. “Everything we produce is good, but there are definitely going to be favourites among guests,” he explains. “I am able to bring that knowledge to Chef Kartik to help drive the menu, but in a way where Chef Kartik can still express his creativity and experiment with new flavours.”

Guest experience is very important to Chef Griffin. When diners come to Silo, whether it’s after a round of golf or for a night out with family and friends, it is a priority to him that they have the best experience possible. “I want our food to reflect our desire for a great experience,” he says. “So I’m big on making sure that what we’re bringing in is always as fresh and as nice as we can get it.” Using local is a particular focus for Silo—so much so that Angus Glen actually has onsite herb and vegetable plots, and uses the produce grown in the restaurant. There are also onsite honey bee hives at Angus Glen, with a bee keeper who tends to the hives and harvests the honey produced.

Dessert at Silo

“It all gives us that little extra flair to everything, and that makes us unique,” Chef Griffin says. “In general, I try to use local because I find it’s generally a better quality. To be fair, bringing in produce that’s not local is still going to be good. But with local and home grown, there’s a heightened quality which comes with that. When our gardener is pulling carrots from our garden, for example, and the next day, if not that same evening, they’re going on the plate and out to guests, that’s next-level fresh.”

Keeping things seasonal and local means that the Silo Grill’s menu changes regularly. The new spring menu, for example, launches in May. Here you will find lighter, fresher flavours that represent the rejuvenation the season brings. Then in the fall, there will be a menu of heartier harvest flavours. In about January when the course is closed for the year, there will be a condensed, cozy winter menu. “We try to work with the seasons when creating our menus,” Chef Griffin says. “It helps the flow and keeps everything fresh.”

Silo Restaurant Food

But of course, we would expect nothing less from Chef Griffin, and indeed Chef Kartik, when they so clearly love what they do. It’s a passion which Chef Griffin says came from his mother. “I grew up with her in the kitchen,” he recalls. “I was always by her side whenever she was cooking or baking, helping her and learning from her. She was always big on things like baking cookies for the neighbours and preparing sit-down family dinners.”

For Chef Griffin, there was never a question of what he was going to do when he grew up. It was always food, even though the direction he would take would change over the years. “When I was young, I wanted to be a fry cook like Sponge Bob Square Pants,” he laughs. “Then as I got going with culinary school I wanted to focus on higher end cooking.” It was when he was studying at Durham College that one of his teachers introduced him to Angus Glen. “He was the chef there at the time,” Chef Griffin says. “He encouraged me to check it out. I never had any banquet experience before, with the large quantities involved. I thought it would be interesting to experience that side of things, and when I did, I fell in love with cooking even more.”

He adds, “I’ve never had a doubt in my mind that I want to be a cook or to do cooking in some aspect. It’s the only thing I know. I’m passionate about it and I’m always happy to be doing it. It’s nice to not only have that drive and know what you want to do, but to be able to do it successfully as well.”

To check out the Silo Grill’s new spring menu, visit Chef Griffin VanWinden at Angus Glen Golf Course. You’ll love the difference that fresh, local produce and the talents of a passionate chef will bring to your experience.

The Silo Grill at Angus Glen Golf Club

10080 Kennedy Rd., Markham

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