A March Break To Remember

Posted : March 4, 2015

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Perhaps we may rename March Break to March Active with all the fun things there are to do in Ontario’s Central Counties. The kids have been working hard in school all winter and deserve to blow off some steam with some good old-fashioned family fun. Ontario’s Central Counties has activities for the whole family to enjoy.  Who needs to sit around and recharge their batteries when they can hit the great outdoors and get active? These are the reasons why March Break is the best time to have some winter fun with the family.

Last Chance To Enjoy Some Winter
The snow usually sticks around in March and begins its eventual melt in the following month of April. This means that March Break may be your last chance to partake in all the winter activities you love until next season comes around. Ontario’s Central Counties has a plethora of winter sports to squeeze the last bit of fun out of winter while the snow is still here. Try some backcountry snowshoeing on Mabel Davis Trail to take some time away from the big city and be one with nature. The family will love getting active as you trek further and further through the white, fluffy snow.
Need some inspiration? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F7b96bQfnjE. That may be a little extreme, but snowshoeing at all levels is a guaranteed great time!
Weather Is Warmer And The Snow Remains
One of the great things about enjoying winter activities in March is that the sun shines brighter and the weather is warmer. If you are one of those that likes getting active, but are discouraged by the chilly temperatures, March Break is the perfect time to enjoy outdoor activities without freezing. March can produce some truly beautiful days that hint at the arrival of spring, but still look like winter. Why not come out to Ontario’s Central Counties and spend a day or two playing in the snow? Build a snowman or snow fort with the family and stay warm while having fun.
Check out the snowman slide this family built! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4TjuXWAfAEs. Wow, looks like a lot of fun. Can your family build a better snowman slide?
Getting In Shape For Spring
Maybe this has been one of those winters with a little too much sitting around. Hopefully not, but it is too easy to be lazy in winter. Then, all of a sudden when the nice weather comes you’re not ready! Spring is on its way and with it more opportunity to go outside and get active. March Break is a good time to start healthy habits that will carry over into spring. Teach the whole family that being active is the right choice and get in shape for the coming months. Try hiking down Unionville Valleylands Trail for an easy activity that everyone can enjoy together.
Create March Break Traditions That Will Last A Lifetime
Make it an annual tradition to come up to Ontario’s Central Counties and the kids will look forward to it every March Break. There are so many different things to do that every visit can be a whole new adventure. Check out some of the top attractions with something for everyone in the family. Start a tradition that will last a lifetime and look forward to family time every March Break.
So come out to Ontario’s Central Counties this March Break to get active and squeeze the last bit of fun out of winter. There are so many winter activities to do that it will be hard to fit them all in! For all these reasons and more, heading out to Ontario’s Central Counties will make this a March Break to remember.

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