All or Nothing Brewhouse

Posted : November 3, 2020

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All or Nothing Brewhouse
439 Ritson Rd. S., Oshawa          

Videography by Barry Best

Located in a 1,500 square foot space that was once a locally-popular Beer Store, All or Nothing Brewhouse brings visitors close to the brewing process by letting them get a behind-the-scenes look at the on-site production facilities. In a global economy where product is shipped long distances, sometimes even internationally, this small-scale facility is a breath of fresh, hoppy air.

Brothers Eric and Jeff Dornan are the founders and visionaries of All or Nothing. Having come from a family where entrepreneurship was celebrated, these two men took the lessons their father gave them and created something truly remarkable. As a result, All or Nothing is not just a craft brewery—it is a local hub committed to community building. For example, when COVID-19 hit, the Dornan brothers saw a need for the community to have access to hand sanitizer, so they began making it by getting a distillery operation up and running. Since then All or Nothing has supplied hand sanitizer to front-line groups like the police, the military, and YMCA shelters across Canada.

All or Nothing

To the Dornan brothers, All or Nothing Brewhouse is a part of the “Better Beer Revolution,” where the beer that is produced is all natural and brewed with local ingredients. In fact, many of the ingredients used at All or Nothing are sourced from Durham College’s Bistro 67. All or Nothing does not use corn syrup, fillers or preservatives, so you know that what the label says is what you’re actually drinking—the blueberry sour, for example, is made from pure blueberry juice sourced from a field in Durham Region.

Today, a small selection of All or Nothing’s beers are available at the LCBO. But if you want to try their more creative recipes (and trust us, you’re gonna want to) come to Oshawa to see what’s on tap.

Story by Katherine Ryalen

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