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April Showers Bring May Flowers—Pick-Your-Own Flowers in YDH

Posted : April 11, 2022

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Spring and flowers—you simply can’t have one without the other. What would spring in York Durham Headwaters be without a fragrant, colourful landscape of fresh, new blooms to chase your winter blues away? As the temperatures are warming, we at YDH invite you to invigorate your heart with a cut-your-own flowers experience. These two unique farms, located amongst some of the most gorgeous rural scenery in our region, have been busy tending their spring blossoms in preparation for another season’s May opener. Spring is here, so breathe it in!

Country Cut Flowers

970 Miller’s Sideroad, Newmarket


It’s hard to feel anything but happy when you’re surrounded by a field of bright blooms. May is the official start of the season at Country Cut Flowers, with specialty daffodils and tulips being the earliest arrivals. Peonies follow, taking centre stage in June. A cut-your-own experience is the perfect way for friends and family to spend time together, but it’s also perfect for some quality, just-you time, too.

Janet Tuenschel is the passion behind Country Cut Flowers, located in King Township. It was her love of gardening, a deep respect for the earth, and the joy she finds in being able to bring happiness to other people that motivated her to leave the corporate world a decade ago and pour her heart and soul into her fields. Today, her farm provides visitors with the opportunity to make lasting memories as they explore a carpet of expertly tended blooms in search of their perfect bouquet.

“It’s about experience,” she explains of her flower farm. “It’s about being in nature, connecting with the earth, with people, with the flowers, and with creativity. It’s an escape from our regular lives. I love seeing the excitement people have when they find that treasure in the field. That’s a wonderful moment. Or people who think they’re not creative at all, and then they walk out with the most gorgeous bouquet. If you find the flowers you love, they’re automatically going to go together.”

While the winter months have been quiet and the spring bulbs have been sleeping, Janet has been eagerly awaiting the moment when her tulips and daffodils pop their sleepy heads through the earth. She says, “I have this moment in the fall when I plant the bulbs and I wonder if they are really going to grow. And every year I’m surprised when they poke through the soil.”

Whether you’re new to the cut-your-own flowers experience or you’re a seasoned veteran, Janet and her team are excited to welcome you to enjoy the arrival of their spring blossoms. “There’s something about flowers, especially early in the year when people are desperate for spring and beauty,” she says. “Each May when we open, it’s like welcoming friends back. There are so many regulars that come every year, which is lovely. Also, it’s wonderful to welcome those new people who have wanted to do this for years but haven’t, or who didn’t know we were here. I love seeing that happiness on people’s faces.”

For a cut-your-own flowers experience at Country Cut Flowers, purchase your tickets at to reserve your time in the flower fields. Not able to make it out in person, but still yearning for fresh florals in your home? Check out Janet’s pre-cut arrangements, available throughout the entire growing season. If you loved your cut-your-own experience and want more, browse Janet’s flower-themed workshops for more hands-on experiences.

White’s Creek Flower Farm

1125 Concession 7, Beaverton


If you’re craving scenic views, fresh bouquets, and a wonderful pick-your-own flower experience, White’s Creek Flower Farm in Beaverton offers a unique getaway from the everyday. You will be provided with mason jars, clippers and water, so you can stroll the gardens and clip your seasonal favourites at your leisure. When the farm opens to the public in May, specialty tulips and delphiniums will be waiting to greet you, followed by luscious peonies in June. And, while you’re visiting, be sure to treat yourself to a stroll through the retail shop for local artisan products and gifts as well. After all, White’s Creek is also about supporting local.

Owner Harriët Drake purchased the farm with her farmhand beau in 1991. Originally, the property was intended for a dairy operation, but through the years it evolved to include horses, beef cattle and cash crops. In 2018 another transformation took place on the farm which would be Harriët’s retirement venture, and in 2019, White’s Creek Flower Farm opened to the public.

Today, the farm is an idyllic country escape—not just for visitors looking to cut their own flowers, but for Harriët as well. “I’ve always been a farmer at heart,” she says. “And I’ve always loved working in the sun, getting my hands dirty, and the satisfaction that comes with watching something grow.” Naturally, gardening was a great hobby for Harriët, as well as a creative outlet.

Harriët spent 32 years working as an Educational Assistant before deciding to retire and turn her hobby into the business it is today. “It is a great way to bring new life to the farm while getting to share its beauty with others,” she says. “Today, we believe in sharing our knowledge and the beauty of agriculture with our guests. We want to engage people. When the hustle-bustle of life becomes too much, nothing soothes the nerves quite like a walk in nature.”

For your cut-your-own experience at White’s Creek Flower Farm, tickets can be purchased through the website at Spend the day enjoying the beautiful blooms of nature’s bounty, and when you’ve picked your perfect bouquet, stop in at the on-farm retail shop to browse a wide selection of local artisan goods that you’ll want to share with your loved ones.

Story by Katherine Ryalen

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