Author name: Katherine Ryalen

Hi, my name is Katherine Ryalen. I am passionate about writing and the way language can transform, inform and persuade. I graduated from York University with a Bachelor (Honours) Degree in Environmental Writing, and have been a contributor to several online and print publications for over a decade including B2B News Network, Digital Journal, East of the City Magazine, Downtowns of Durham, and of course, here at York Durham Headwaters. What is life without whimsy? Besides content writing, I am the author of twelve historical romance, contemporary romance, and women’s fiction titles, published under the pen name Veronica Bale by Boroughs Publishing Group. In fact, my novel The Ghosts of Tullybrae House was a 2016 best-seller. For me, life is about experiencing as much as possible, and my writing reflects my broad range of interests and insights. It’s been an amazing experience working with York Durham Headwaters and all that they do for the tourism industry in the region I call home.