Beaverton Showcases its Small Town Spirit at Fall Fair

Posted : September 17, 2013

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Beaverton fall fair__midway

Like most small towns in Ontario, Beaverton showcased its homegrown talent in a small intimate fair. Located just off Main Street Beaverton, the town and surrounding area entered their best vegetables, corn stalks, quilts and flowers to be featured and judged at the fair.

The contest entries were all put on display in the Beaverton Curling Club arena. As I walked through the many displays I noticed many of the people around me commenting on items from their friends. Everyone seemed to know everyone as they walked around the grounds. There were beautiful flower arrangements, drawings and photos from various age groups, spectacular knitting and quilts on display.

Beaverton fall fair_3012 Beaverton fall fair__3008

Then I saw the two largest pumpkins I have ever seen! They were so large they could have doubled as sofa chairs. A matching set! These pumpkins were over 600 lbs! Of all the fairs I’ve been to so far these ones are the biggest!

Beaverton fall fair_big pumpkins

Outside people were enjoying the midway rides and fair food. A small Ferris wheel and several other rides suitible for kids of all ages were twirling around. Of course there was cotton candy, caramel corn and snow cones to enjoy. The popular food trucks were the chipper – serving up hot fries and gravy, I feel like everyone at the fair had one in their hands. Then there was the funnel cake truck, what would a fall fair be without a sugar powder covered deep fried funnel cake? Of course there were plenty of stuffed animals to be won in one of many carnival games!

Beaverton fall fair__3041 Beaverton fall fair_3042

Sunday’s main event at the fair was the antique car and tractor shows. There were many cars on display as old music from the 50’s and 60’s played on speakers in the big ball diamond which was converted into a car showcase. The cars were all shiny and polished and car lovers were swapping stories with the car owners reminiscing about old times.

Beaverton fall fair__3019

Shiny red tractors also stood in a row drawing inspection from passer-byes.

Beaverton fall fair__3015

Just off to the side of the car and truck displays I noticed a man carving big logs of wood with a chainsaw. His name is Todd Andrews from Carving Creations and he was very happy to talk to me and share his amazing love for his craft. He was in the process of carving out an owl and a bear on the front and backside of the log. His finished pieces on display for everyone to see and purchase if they wanted. Its hard to believe he did this all with a big bulky chainsaw!

Beaverton fall fair_3031 Beaverton fall fair__3034

I made my way to the grandstand for Sunday’s main event. A lumberjack show featuring teams from Sir Sanford Fleming College who compete in these lumberjack competitions professionally. They displayed a series of wood cutting using various different axes, saws and chain saws. They even put on a bit of competition for the crowd as they raced to cut the wood in teams.

Beaverton fall fair_3047 Beaverton fall fair__3050 Beaverton fall fair__3048

The town of Beaverton is one of my favourite stops in Central Counties, they have some great country stores and antique shops in the area and it was great to return to see their best on display at the fair! Looking forward to going back as the leaves change colours for the fall season.

Sharon M is a travel blogger and writer at an online travel blog based in Thornhill, Ontario.

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