Become a Foodie in 2015

Posted : January 8, 2015

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We don’t eat to live, we live to eat! The New Year is a chance to become a more interesting person; one way to do that is to explore the unique cuisine that is all around you by becoming a foodie! A foodie is someone who takes his or her eating habits to the next level. Meals are not just a way to fuel your body for the day, but rather, a tasty adventure filled with mouth-watering creations. Eating becomes a hobby and a foodie constantly searches for new menus to satisfy their hunger. Ontario’s Central Counties is the perfect place to embrace your new foodie lifestyle with all the wonderful and diverse restaurant options. Spend a weekend refining your palate by trying new things and exploring different tastes.
These are the top 3 reasons you will want to become a foodie in Ontario’s Central Counties in the New Year:

  1. Find Tastes You Love: You never know if you love the taste of something until you try it. You may be missing out on your favourite foods when they have been right in front of you the whole time! Being a foodie brings the opportunity to discover new tastes and develop a well-versed palate. Ontario’s Central Counties has many gems with unique and original food creations waiting to become your next must-try. Try 168 Sushi Avenue Buffet with tastes influenced by Thai, Chinese, and Korean cuisines. Sushi is the favourite of many and perhaps will be yours too!


  1. Be the Best Dinner Party Host: Remember that dish you had at that restaurant and absolutely had to share with all your friends? Maybe you found it at Chloe’s Garden, which aims to bring the lovely tastes of Hong Kong to Canada. When you host your next dinner party, you can recreate some of the wonderful tastes you have experienced in your foodie travels. Feel inspired and show your family and friends the unique cuisines you have come across. Yours may shape up to be the dinner party of the year!


  1. Healthy Eating Habits: Part of being a foodie is discovering healthy options that treat both your taste buds and body as well. There are many healthy eating options in Ontario’s Central Counties that fit your health plan without sacrificing taste. Never sacrifice the taste! Go to Frankie’s for a 100% gluten free Mediterranean menu and bakery offering only farm fresh products. Eating fresh is the best way to eat healthy and a great habit to get into. Let your new foodie ways guide you into a healthier lifestyle for 2015.

Now that you are a foodie, the tasty opportunities are endless. Come to Ontario’s Central Counties to explore the wide range of unique cuisine waiting to be discovered. New foods are out there, you just have to find and try them! Listen to your taste buds and we’ll see you soon in Ontario’s Central Counties. Contact us today for more information on restaurants and everything else in Ontario’s Central Counties!

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