Beer Sisters Top Ten YDH Beers to Drink Now

Posted : June 25, 2020

Our blog is chock full of great ideas for fun things to see and do in York Durham and Headwaters. We are always adding new content and updating old posts, but sometimes you might stumble upon something from our vault. If this article has inspired you to hit the road, be sure to double-check that the featured stops in this post are still welcoming visitors.

We’re planning a few beer road trips this summer — and our first outings will be to the York, Durham and Headwaters regions to pick up these ten fresh brews. If you’re staying in, no worries, you can order them online or pick a few of them up at the LCBO.

Pigasus Blonde Ale, Rouge River Brewing

Rouge River Beer

We’ve been fans of Rouge River ever since our colleague, Jordan Mills, a fellow Advanced Cicerone, opened his own brewery in Markham back in 2016. Since then he’s been racking up awards for his fruited sour ales and hazy IPA’s. Pigasus is a departure from those — it’s a crisp, blonde ale that’s made for summer. The beer that gets its slight haze from a touch of wheat in the recipe. Its champagne-like carbonation makes it bubbly and thirst-quenching, while its delicate mix of hops give it a fresh-squeezed lemon note with subtle bitterness in the finale.

How to get it: Order online and pick up your beer at the brewery, or have it delivered anywhere in Ontario — follow the brewery’s Facebook page for the latest updates.

Brain Space Double IPA, Town Brewery


Whenever Whitby’s Town Brewery is pouring at a beer fest, we’re always going back to try samples of their meticulously-executed juicy pale ales and IPA’s. Brain Space Double IPA drinks like liquid sunshine. Juicy, creamy and smooth, it bursts with tropical fruit flavours like pineapple, mango sorbet and tangerine. It has low bitterness thanks to copious dry hopping, and its best imbibed fresh.

How to get it: Walk in and pick it up at their bottleshop. Order online and get free delivery in Durham or across Ontario with a minimum order. Check their Instagram for the latest updates.

Bohemian Pilsner, Brock Street Brewing Company

Brock Street

Bohemian Pilsners date back to 1842 and are now one of the most popular beer styles in the world. Despite their easy-drinking simplicity, they’re one of the hardest styles to nail, because any mistakes shine through. We’re happy to report that Brock Street #nailedit with this beauty. This golden pilsner has classic aromas of baguette and honey, with a hint of fresh-cut grass. It’s crisp, bubbly and dangerously drinkable. We love the clipped, clean finish and lightly bitter bite.

How to get it: Walk in and pick it up at their bottleshop, have a pint on the patio by making a reservation at 12welvebistro’s patio. Or order online and get free delivery in Durham, or have it shipped anywhere in Ontario. Check their Instagram for the latest updates

Snooze You Lose Brown Ale, All or Nothing Brewhouse & Distillery

All or Nothing

This is your go-to BBQ beer. A classic brown ale lightly sweetened with Ontario wildflower honey, you’ll taste whole wheat toast, roasted nuts and burnt caramel with a firm, earthy bitterness. This mahogany-hued ale’s caramel flavours will sync up with anything caramelized, smoked or grilled.

How to get it: Grab it at LCBO stores, orOrder online and pick up beer (and hand sanitizer!) curbside, or shipped via Canada Post anywhere in Ontario. Check their Facebook page for the brewery’s patio opening date (they’re prepping everything now!).

Badge Collector, Smores Stout, 5 Paddles Brewing Co.      

5 Paddles Brewing

We dig 5 Paddles’ talent for infusing authentic culinary flavours into their beers in just the right amount. One sip of this stout recalls found memories of roasting marshmallows on warm summer nights while camping with family and friends. This dessert stout nails the S’mores flavour trifecta of roasted marshmallow, dark chocolate and nutty graham cracker.  It’s smooth and creamy with gentle carbonation and a lovely lingering caramelized vanilla finish. Eat it by a campfire, or a chimenea if you can.

How to get it: Order online and have it delivered for free in Durham or pick it up curbside. Elsewhere in Ontario, have it shipped for a $20 flat rate. Check their Instagram for the latest updates.

High Grass Saison, The Second Wedge Brewing Co.

Second Wedge Beer

This hard-working, family-owned brewery housed near the historic railway station in charming Uxbridge, Ontario makes a solid lineup of classic and creative brews. High Grass is one of our favourites and we love seeing its return every summer. Vibrant lemongrass and spicy ginger notes jump out of the glass and ride on a crisp, bubbly body. We dig it with sushi, guac and chips or a summer salad. 

How to get it: Grab it at LCBO stores or shop safely in the brewery’s retail store. The brewery’s charming Beer Garden is open Friday to Sunday, first-come, first serve, or bring-your-own chair and park them in the brewer’s new Bring-Your-Own-Chair Garden (debit and credit only). Order online and have it delivered free in Durham and York regions, or $15 flat rate shipping anywhere in Ontario. Check the brewery’s Instagram for the latest updates.

La Petite Duchesse, Little Beasts Brewing Co.


The Duchesse took home a silver medal at the Ontario Brewing Awards last year, and it’s easy to see why. This table saison is just 4.5% ABV, with sparkling bubbles and notes of white peppercorn and clove and coriander seeds with a squeeze of lemon at the finish. She’s an elegant thirst-quencher for warm summer days, not to mention an extremely versatile dinner companion — matching up with everything from fish tacos to veggie burgers to spring rolls.

How to get it: Order online and get free front-door delivery in Durham Region, Port Perry and Port Union twice weekly. Or pick up beer (contactless-style) in the brewery’s bottleshop. Follow Little Beasts on Instagram for updates.

Farmstead Ale, Goodlot Farmstead Brewing

GoodLot Farmstead

This farm brewery’s flagship ale is nothing short of mesmerizing. We can’t get stop smelling it’s unique hop aroma, a blend of the farm’s own Cascade and Nugget hops, which create a bouquet of lychee, orange flesh and fresh apricots. This medium-bodied golden ale is silky and smooth, and would be the perfect choice for any beach day, park picnic or small soiree.

How to get it: Grab it at LCBO stores. Order online and pick up at the farm gate. Look for updates on when the brewery’s outdoor beer garden, located in their gorgeous hop yard, will reopen.

Currant Affair, Heartwood Farm & Cidery


This regenerative farm in Erin Ontario is the height of agricultural romance, and their dry, complex apple ciders are swoon worthy. Currant Affair pours a bright berry red hue thanks to its mix of fresh-pressed apple juice and black currants. Notes of raspberries, black currants and a hint of red apple mark the nose of this effervescent cider, a bright tart kick and berries dominate the sip, with light tannins contributing to a dry finish.  

How to get it: Order online (and add some farm-grown produce!), or pick up at the farm free of charge. Ships anywhere in Ontario.

Caledon Hills Brewing Company

CaledonHills Beer

This all-lager brewery is a family-run outfit is perched in the middle of gently rolling farm fields in Caledon. Vienna Lagers are known for their toasty flavours and light, crisp bodies. Caledon’s version pours a bright copper hue with tons of ivory bubbles topping the gently carbonated brew. It’s toasty notes make it a great beer to pair with cheddar and gouda cheeses, a ploughman’s lunch or a grilled cheese.

How to get it: Get it at LCBO. Order online for free home delivery to Caledon, Brampton, Erin, Orangeville, Alliston, Tottenham, Mono, Georgetown, Acton, and Nobleton. Follow on Instagram for the latest updates.

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