The Biggest Fair in Canada! Markham Fair Filled with Fun!

Posted : October 8, 2013

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Known as one of the oldest fairs in Canada with the first held in 1857 the Markham Fair has grown into Canada’s largest 4-day fall fair. This annual fair has so much to do an see it is recommended that you buy a weekend pass to take it all in!
People Walking at Markham Fair Entrance
mountie in stilts at Markham FairThe weather forecast for this weekend was scary, but the rains stayed away the day I ventured out to the fair. It was a quick 30 minute drive from Thornhill and there was lots of free parking. I walked through the entrance to the large fair ground and braced myself for this was a biggie! A tall mountie was directing the traffic as everyone walked through the gates. He was blowing his whistle and doing a great job and keeping the traffic flowing.
There were several buildings to visit. The livestock building was filled with farm animals waiting to be pet by their admirers. Cattle, horses, sheep and pigs were all happy to play with all the children who were loving every second in the building. Well everyone except for these sleepy pigs!
Markham Fair horses sleepy pigs at Markham Fair
two cows laying in the hay at Markham Fair Sheep in pen at Markham Fair
There was also a cattle show and competition held in the main arena. Farmers brought out their best cows who were all mooing loudly trying to get the judges attention. The owners caressed their bellies with pokers as they stood waiting to hear if they were winners.
cattle judging at Markham Fair cattle show at Markham Fair
Of course what would a fall fair be without the exhibits. A large building filled with all the baked goods, quilts, flower arrangements and vegetables all participating in the competition for being the fair’s very best!
fun pumpkins on display at Markham Fair Various Squash on display at Markham Fair
Outside near the horse show was a Markham Fair favourite. The General Hazzard monster truck was taking those who dared to ride it, on an amazing bumpy ride with lots of quick turns and bumps to fly over on the muddy course.
Monster Truck parked at Markham Fair Monster Truck driving at Markham Fair
There was a large crowd in the stands watching the various horse competitions at the fair throughout the day. Best horses and horses and their carriages came out dressed in fancy harnesses to be judged for the competition.
horse show crowd at Markham Fair horse pulling wagon at the Markham Fair
Throughout the grounds there were lots of performers sharing their special talents with the crowds. Craig Douglas had some pretty awesome juggling tricks including a daring unicycle ride while juggling three sharp knives, however it was his balloon through the nose and out the mouth trick that kept the audience in an uncomfortable but giggly mood. The Lincoln leapers had a remarkable performance of rope jumping set to music, starting with simple jumps to very complicated choreographed routines with multiple jumpers at once.
magician at Markham Fair group of girls doing jump rope at Markham Fair
I can’t write a post about the Markham Fair without talking about all the rides and games. Of course there was a very large midway area of the fair filled with awesome fair food like corn dogs, tiny donuts, cotton candy and fried goodies. There were plenty of rides for kids, dare devils and adults including a carousel, Ferris Wheel, roller coasters and fun slides.
Markham Fair midway rides Markham Fair midway rides
The Markham Fair is a fun filled weekend held annually at the Markham Fairgrounds. There is so much to do and see throughout this 4-day event that you may want to invest in a weekend pass for your family next year.
Sharon M is a travel blogger and writer at Dream Travel Magazine an online travel blog based in Thornhill, Ontario.

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