Canada and Winter: A Love Story

Posted : December 17, 2014

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Canada and Winter is a love story that has lasted the test of time. Some people wonder how they have managed to keep their connection alive even with the many months spent apart each year. Maybe it is the knowing that a plethora of great outdoor activities await upon Winter’s eventual return. The answer can be better illustrated with the story of their first meeting. This is the tale of the initial encounter that eventually blossomed into one of the strongest relationships of all time. It goes a little something like this:
Canada first noticed Winter in the month of December. Somewhere in the beautiful landscape of Ontario’s Central Counties, Canada was enjoying a walk along one of the many trails, when he saw Winter sitting on a park bench. She looked peaceful, content, as if one with the great outdoors. He immediately was drawn to her sense of connectivity with nature.
Winter had white hair and a slight rosiness to her cheeks. Canada was a strong and proud man, but was immediately humbled by the sight of this powerful beauty. He knew she packed a punch. The two developed a quick likeness for each other and knew there could be a future here. Their first dates were filled with laughter, fun, and adventure. Perhaps it was the countless winter activities in Ontario’s Central Counties that helped the couple bond, or maybe it was just meant to be.
Canada and Winter loved hockey, trekking, and tobogganing too! They didn’t wish for summer because there was always so much to do. He would take her up to Uxbridge and she would road trip them over to Caledon. Making snow angels along the way, these two left their mark all over Ontario’s Central Counties. And their love grew and grew. They knew they had found the perfect match for one another. Canada and Winter went together like movies and popcorn.
But one day something strange began to happen. The weather became warmer and the snow started to melt. The wind was no longer cold and brisk. They were no longer able to play pond hockey or snowshoe or play in the snow. Canada and Winter wondered if this was the end of something special.
They spent months apart and longed to be together once again. As the summer months passed, Canada waited patiently. He knew she would return again soon and he wished the spark would still be there. When Winter came around again, all uncertainties were thrown out the window as the two leaped into each other’s arms without hesitation. It was then that they realized that being together only a few months of the year made what they had even more powerful. All the activities they loved to do were once again available, and they headed back to Ontario’s Central Counties to celebrate their reunion.
The story of Canada and Winter is truly touching. An epic of love involving two forces that spend months apart, just to come together in pure joy and endless fun. Canada and Winter were made for each other.
Head out to Ontario’s Central Counties this winter to partake in the endless amount of activities available. Grab the whole family and show them why Canada and Winter go so well together!

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