Craft Breweries in Central Counties

Posted : October 28, 2015

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As the weather begins to cool down, warm, indoor activities come to mind. What’s better than spending a weekend sampling craft beer from local brewers? Get on the hipster trend and check out local craft breweries in central counties – your Instagram will go nuts.
5 Paddles Brewing Company
5 Paddles is a boutique brewery that has been in production for just over 2 years. In those 2 years, they have managed to brew over 100 different recipes! The name stems from each member having a hand in the beer making process, or as they say, “a mash paddle”. Unlike most breweries that have a flagship beer available, 5 Paddles likes to keep things interesting with an ever-changing selection of beer. Check them out Whitby and learn a little bit more about the craft of beer.

County Durham Brewing Company
Located in Pickering, just east of Toronto, County Durham Brewing Company offers a wide range of beer and ale. Everything from traditional tastes, to more new world and modern brews are available. Beers are available in casks, draughts and bottles, allowing you to pick and choose for a fun and unique experience. County Durham also brews for C’est What, producing interesting exclusive beers with names like Hemp Ale and Coffee Porter.
Manantler Craft Brewing Company
Manantler is located in Bowmanville, and specializes in small batch craft brewing. Manantler is made up of passionate brewers with signature beers such as Seismic Narhwal, The Citra Situation, The Dark Prince, and Liquid Swords. Not only are their beers artisanal and unique, the artwork and graphics accompanying each brew is just as special. Be the talk of the town and impress your friends with some of their exclusive products. Check them out for upcoming events as well – how’s that for a superb craft brewery in central counties?
Thornbury Beverage Company
King Brewery is a leader in brewing ultra premium beer that is stylistically authentic. Combining Old World brewing techniques with fresh ingredients and produce, King Brewery’s beer is top in taste. Favourites include their hoppy Czech Pilsner and authentic nutty-chocolate German style Dunkel Dark Lager. Located in Nobleton, Ontario, a drive to King Brewery is well worth it.

Underdog’s Brewhouse
Established with an aim to step out from behind Toronto’s shadow, Underdog’s Brewhouse in Oshawa, Ontario has stepped up the craft beer game outside of the big city. Founded by brothers Jeff and Eric Dornan, Underdog has created unique beers with aromas centering around scents such as banana, bubblegum, pineapple and grapefruit. With products in stores and online, accessing their brews is easy, and worth it!
This list of craft breweries in central counties is a great way to start your beer tasting experience. Contact us for more information!

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