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Posted : November 21, 2018

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Do you define yourself as a hipster or do you refuse to be labeled? Are you an avid fan of the latest brands or is your clothing authentically vintage? Do you prefer craft beer and VQA wines, or do your tastes run retro to Manhattans and Arnold Palmers?

Whatever your style and however you identify yourself, you can say one thing for certain: you are modern and you like to be in-the-know. Whether it’s politics, technology, world issues or music, you pride yourself on being up-to-speed on the latest thing.

It’s not surprising, then, that the run-of-the-mill date night just doesn’t cut it for you. Dinner and a movie? That’s so passé. If you’re looking for something different for a night out with your special someone, something that better reflects who you are and what you value, let us give you a few suggestions.

Take a cooking class

It’s undeniable that we eat differently today than our parents did twenty years ago. You care about where your food comes from and how it’s made. You appreciate the artisan crafter and small-scale farm. And you’re not afraid to get into the kitchen and take charge of your meal prep.

For date night, instead of the typical restaurant where you are served a meal that was prepared behind closed doors, try instead a cooking class where you are the chef. Enjoy pre-planned menus and instruction from a professional. Enjoy the feel of your food beforehand as well as the taste of it after. Whether it’s your first date or your hundred and first, we guarantee the conversation will be just as lively, if not livelier, than any restaurant.

 If we’ve piqued your interest, we suggest Market & Co., located in Newmarket’s Upper Canada Mall. It blends exceptional fresh food offerings with the tradition and authenticity of merchant-style city markets, and features products and produce from 20 best-in-class artisans. The kitchen space and demonstration area are located in the centre of the market, so that you and your partner will be the at heart of the action while you learn, taste, eat and enjoy.

Make it a daytime date

We get it: romance and nighttime go hand-in-hand. Candlelight dinners, bonfires at the beach, Netflix and chill. But what about the fact that you have to wait all day for date night? What if you’ve had a busy week and you’re just to tired to put your dancing shoes on Friday night? There are just as many drawbacks to a nighttime date as there are advantages. And on the flip side, there are so many things you can do on a daytime date that we are amazed couples don’t do them more often.

Instead of romance under the stars, why not be starry-eyed in bright sunshine? We’ve got a great one for you: take a scenic drive out to Mulmur’s Rosemont General Store for breakfast. Yes, we said breakfast! The historic Rosemont General Store is small and intimate, and offers a full breakfast with seasonal vegetables, certified Ocean wise seafood and free-run eggs.

Once your bellies are sated, head on down the road to the Museum of Dufferin for the Temperance and Temptation exhibit to learn about Canada’s role in Prohibition. Maybe it’s not your traditional romantic date, but hey… you’re not traditional either.

Ice cream and art? Yep, they go together

When was it decided that art galleries are stuffy and dull? If you’ve ever been to one, you’ll know that’s not true. And if you haven’t, then it’s high time you got yourself to one so that you can see just how thrilling art can be. Here’s an idea (yes, you guessed it): why not make it a date spot?

For a truly unique experience that is sure to inspire thought-provoking conversation, visit Oshawa’s Robert McLaughlin Gallery of modern and contemporary art. Tour the facilities hand-in-hand as you take in permanent exhibits such as Canada’s largest collection of the works of the Painters 11, and temporary ones such as the indigenous Inaabiwin (a word which means “movement of light.”)

Indigenous InaabiwinWe are so confident that you and your significant other will have so much to talk about that we’d like to send you around the corner to Hollywood Cone for a post-gallery treat. Share and discuss your experience over premium hand-spun milkshakes—which, by the way, might be described as works of art in their own right. What? But it’s winter, you say? Trust us: Hollywood Cone is open and busy year-round.

Do you have any hip ideas for date night in York, Durham or Headwaters? Leave a comment and let us know where you love to go.

Story by Katherine Ryalen

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