Don’t Know How to Start? Here Are Some Ways to Ease into Golf

Posted : July 16, 2015

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Tiger Woods always made it look so easy. Just hit a ball into a hole. However, anyone who’s attempted to play golf knows that the sport is nowhere near as easy as the pros make it look. Like any sport, it has a learning curve, and requires a lot of equipment. With a full set of drivers and irons, a putter, tees, and balls, a fledgling golfer has a lot to scrounge up and maintain to be able to play the game while sharpening their own skills. The game itself can be intimidating, with large courses, various hazards, and other golfers waiting their turn. To help you out on the links, we’ve developed the following attitudes to aid in a smooth transition into the game. Before long, you’ll be cruising through all the golf courses in Ontario with an eye for adventure and a love of the game.

Don’t Worry About Your Score

Don’t tie yourself to unnecessary notions of having to make a par for every hole. While ambitious and admirable, this notion may place undue pressure on yourself, distracting you from enjoying the game and focusing on simply sinking the ball.
The average golfer will score well above par on most courses, so you’re not alone if you’re counting strokes and notice that they’re a bit high. With that in mind, you can simply focus on the beauty of the course, improving your swing, and following good golf course etiquette. If you notice that your score is improving as you go along, then that’s a nice added bonus for your journey through the world of golf.
Remember, you’re not competing for anything, just learning the ropes. Don’t stress yourself out over your score, and enjoy the game.

Learn Your Equipment

Golf requires knowledge and maintenance of a considerable amount of equipment. Use any opportunity you have to get a feel of your equipment, and learn which situations to use each of your clubs.
As you develop your swinging motion, remember to change up clubs so you get familiar with each one. Be sure to get comfortable with your driver while teeing off, your various irons when hitting from the fairway, and your wedges when chipping out of thick rough and sand traps. Focus on getting the most comfortable with your equipment. As your swing becomes second nature, so too will your score lower and your frustrations decrease.

Be Familiar with the Etiquette of Golf Courses in Ontario

Like any public activity, golf requires certain behavioral standards. Do research on standard etiquette for golf courses in Ontario before you head off to hit a few. Being polite to your fellow players will feel good, reflect well on you, and make you look like a pro in front of clients/coworkers if playing a corporate round.
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