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Posted : October 7, 2021

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The Dufferin Town And Country Farm Tour was started in 2000 and is hosted one Saturday each year in the fall. The annual tour gives participants an opportunity to see and experience farming and agri-business first-hand, with hosts and volunteers on hand to talk about their operation and guide you around. The Dufferin Town & Country Farm Tour is an ideal venue to reconnect the consumers to the producers of the food we eat. Dufferin Farm Tour supports the local farm businesses in their promotion of  GROW LOCAL, BUY LOCAL, EAT LOCAL.

This year COVID-19 has really taken a toll on how we live our lives. We have been faced with an unprecedented situation and we are learning how to adapt and overcome. Farms cannot just open their doors and have families visit this year so The Dufferin Town And Country Farm Tour are bringing their farms to you!

Why promote a local Farm Tour?

  • If you ate Today, Thank a Farmer: The single most important reason why a Farm Tour is promoted.  This is a grass roots effort to bring rural and town people together on the farmto talk to the farmers about farming.
  • To address the viability of farming: Learn about the challenges of farmers in producing a consistent supply of high-quality, safe, nutritious food at an affordable cost in an environmental and sustainable way.
  • To promote buy and eat locally-grown food: To do this we must promote an understanding of the food chain.  Local food is fresher, more nutritious and tastier.  Money spent on local food circulates in the local economy strengthening the community for us all.

Enjoy the full video experience right here

The Dufferin Town And Country Farm Tour has spent the summer collecting amazing video footage and doing farmer interviews to allow you to see even more than you can see on a normal farm tour. Enjoy!

If you are interested in eating local and supporting your local farmers, visit our YDH Virtual Market here!

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