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Posted : January 24, 2019

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You don’t have to be a weary traveller to book a stay at a bed and breakfast or boutique inn. Everyone needs to get away from the bustle of daily life once in a while. We have some wonderful accommodations here in Durham Region that offer far more than just a bed for the night, and each one is as unique as the owners themselves. Come and see what unforgettable experience awaits you.

Nestleton Waters Inn

3440 Beacock Rd., Nestleton

Nestleton Waters Inn

North-east of Port Perry is the Nestleton Waters Inn, a family-run establishment located on a 96-acre farm. Though owners Deborah and Erik Kiezebrink initially received skepticism about the viability of establishing an inn far from any popular destination, they have proven that exceptional hospitality and luxury, along with a serene and picturesque setting, makes the Nestleton Waters Inn a destination all on its own.

Experience the wonderful cuisine of executive chef Aaron Moss as an add-on to your stay or during one of the inn’s monthly dinner dates—a five-course culinary feast. Or you can host your next event in the island marquee tent, which holds up to 200 guests and is popular for weddings. While you’re staying in Nestleton, Deborah and Erik encourage you to take in all that the surrounding community of Scugog has to offer.

Bedroom at Nestleton Waters Inn
Nestleton Waters Inn Dining Room
Nestleton Waters Inn

“There are so many interesting things to do,” Deborah exclaims. “We encourage our guests to book a massage at Revelations Spa in Port Perry, and then head across the street to Old Flame Brewing Company and have a nice, locally-made brew. There are unique boutique shops as well, and we have partnerships with some of the local retailers to provide our guests with vouchers and other promotions.”

For the Kiezebrinks, your stay at Nestleton Waters Inn is about detaching from the hustle and bustle of life and reconnecting with what you truly value. “Being a special place, a hidden gem, people are able to enjoy and recuperate their energy,” Deborah says. “That’s a special kind of business, and it’s something that makes us feel very proud. Our work isn’t done just providing a bed and a room. It’s providing heart and it’s providing care.”

The Hive Centre Bee and Bee

3392 Concession Rd. 8., Leskard

The Hive B and B

If nature is what you crave, book your next weekend getaway at The Hive Centre Bee and Bee in Orono. Surrounded by the lush shade of a nature reserve, The Hive is a dual offering of a charming home which comprises the main bed and breakfast, and a heritage church that is used as both an event centre, and for additional overnight accommodations.

“We often hold retreats, or people rent out the entire spaces for family functions,” says Elsii Faria, who co-owns the establishment with her partner, Kevin Craddock. “We also do some programming, such as frequency meditation, barefoot walks, wild food walks and forest bathing.”

Originally, the church was Elsii and Kevin’s private residence, and the house next door was purchased when they found they needed more space for their marketing and design business. Due to an unfortunate period of illness for Elsii, the duo decided they needed to find a way to make their properties self-sustaining as they faced their personal challenges. “We thought this would be a great space for people to get away and retreat into themselves a little bit,” Elsii says. “To learn about ancient healing methods and other practices that could help with well-being.”

The Hive B & B
Healing Methods at Bee Hive
The Hive B & B

Today, The Hive Centre Bee and Bee is a multi-faceted experience. Some guests come to simply enjoy the peace and quiet of the bed and breakfast, while others come to experience the workshops and events hosted. In a gesture of appreciation for all of nature’s creatures, The Hive Centre Bee and Bee is a quirky reference to the fact that the church itself is a living bee hive. Kevin explains, “There are honey bees that lived in the walls of the church before we arrived, and we thought we could cohabitate. There was one particularly hot day in July one year where the walls actually leaked honey.”

The Piano Inn

217 Queen St., Port Perry

Piano Inn Room

Speaking of heritage and history, The Piano Inn is another charming establishment located in three heritage buildings in downtown Port Perry. The inn is run by owner Christy Stone-Curry and her husband Rob, and the buildings have been in Christy’s family for over fifty years.

Previously private apartments, the five suites that make up the inn were meticulously renovated, with care and attention given to preserve and showcase the historic features of each one. “All of our suites are interesting,” Christy says. “They’re weird dimensions; nothing is square. We have lots of exposed brick, one has a huge original fireplace, and some have eighteen-foot ceilings.” It was during renovations that the family discovered the existence of hundred-year-old skylights which had been covered up, the result of an old photography studio from a long-ago era.

Piano Inn
Piano Inn Drinks
Piano Inn Room

Guests of The Piano Inn can expect to enjoy first-hand attention from the owners themselves, who live onsite and manage the day-to-day operations. “We have huge pride of ownership,” Christy says. “If you want something to improve your stay, you get us. You want milk or creamer, you get us. I would say that seventy percent of our business is from repeat bookings. People just keep coming back over and over again because they love it here so much.”

Written by: Katherine Ryalen

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