Getting Back Into the Swing of Things for Golf Season

Posted : May 20, 2015

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Spring is finally here – the weather is warming up, birds are chirping, and you’re ready to get outside for another exciting season of golf!

While it’s definitely tempting to get out on the green right away and start swinging, there are a few things you should do first to make sure you won’t embarrass yourself out there with a rusty first game. We’ve put together a quick and easy guide to getting ready for this year’s golf season, so that you can hit the links and start playing like an off-season hockey player in no time!
Fitness and Flexibility
Golf is a physical game and you’re going to need every ounce of flexibility and endurance that you can muster if you’re hoping to stay standing for 18 holes. While you may just be emerging from a nice, relaxing winter hibernation, it’s super important to help wake your body up with some exercise! Try to work some cardio into your regular routine, whether it’s running, jogging, or going for walks after dinner. Work on your flexibility by starting every morning with some soothing stretches or even a quick yoga session.
Practice Makes Perfect
While you may feel like a rock star when you’re stepping onto the course, your game might not reflect that just yet. It’s very easy to fall out of practice over the winter, so start working on your swing before you head to the golf course. Putting is a great way to keep yourself sharp in the comfort of your own home. Just don’t take out the driver yet – you might end up needing to replace a few windows before your first game (and that’s no fun).
Plan Out Your Day
Whether you’re an expert golfer or just starting out, it’s important to plan ahead so that you know exactly what to expect out there. Want to hear the best part? We’ve done the planning for you.
Take a look at our wide range of Golf Itineraries – perfect golf getaways in Ontario’s Central Counties. Take a “drive” at the Royal Ashburn Golf Club (the nearby Motorsport Park will even let you try out a pro open wheel race car for some off-course excitement). Want a romantic weekend? Have Tee for Two at the Riverside Golf Club in Ajax. Regardless of your skill level, there’s a great golf package just waiting for you in Central Counties.

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