Happy Trails! Dinner and a Hike

Posted : May 6, 2015

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Are your dates feeling drab lately? Are you tired of the default dinner and a movie combo? We can help you spice up your love life, mix it up, and become more creative when planning a date night with your significant other.

At Central Counties, there’s plenty to do. What’s our personal favourite recommendation? Hiking after dinner! First, you clearly benefit by still getting to eat a scrumptious dinner, and secondly you won’t feel guilty ordering dessert if you’re planning to walk it off on a Central Counties trail. Especially now that the days are getting longer and the nights are getting warmer, who would choose a movie over a scenic hike?
Now that you have the perfect date idea, you need to pick the perfect place to hike!
Greenwood Conservation Area
The Greenwood Conservation Area allows you to explore the forest or the banks of Duffins Creek in Ajax. This grassy trail is 2 km long, so you and your hiking partner will have plenty of time to bond! Equipped with picnic benches, this may be a great place for a picnic dinner before hitting the trails.
Lynde Shores
Lynde Shores, located outside of Whitby, is a unique choice for a date, as it’s a unique trail! Did you know that Lynde Creek Marsh is one of the few remaining coastal wetlands found along this part of the Lake Ontario shoreline? The Birdfeeder Trail is specifically popular and lets you watch migratory birds in this well-suited habitat.
Sheppards Bush Trail
Whether you’re a power walking couple or laidback picnickers, Sheppards Bush Trail is a delightful place to visit! Don’t miss out on the groomed trails, small streams, or covered pavilion while reconnecting with nature in Aurora.
Mabel Davis Trail
The Mabel Davis Trail runs along the banks of the Holland River in Newmarket and is the perfect escape into nature. See if you can spot any muskrats, cottontail rabbits, or raccoons while you’re out!
Seaton Hiking Trail
If you and your date are the adventurous type, Seaton Hiking Trail could be right up your alley. This trail follows historic hunting and fishing routes along West Duffins Creek in Pickering and features, embankments, steep inclines, and cliffs.
We hope these trails and many more that can be found in Ontario’s Central Counties will help mix up your date nights with your significant other! Looking for more fun ideas? Let us help you plan your visit.

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