History On A Plate

Posted : November 13, 2014

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On November 22nd the Whitchurch-Stouffville Museum and Community Centre is hosting History on a Plate.  Liz Driver from Campbell House Museum will illuminate how food and history go hand in hand as culinary creations help us learn more about the history of people. The event will demonstrate how food can make history sizzle in Ontario Museums through educational cooking demos and entertaining dinner theatre. What people ate can teach us a lot about their history from the utensils they used to their different methods of food preparation. History has never been so tasty. 

There are several activities to participate in to build up an appetite.

Culinary Activities

  • Cooking Demos in a Historic Kitchen:

    Learn how people living in different time periods prepared meals for their families with an educational cooking demo. Since people were not posting their pictures up on Instagram back then, we need to learn about their food in a different way! Cooking demos will draw attention to the thought process behind certain dishes and what families just like yours used to enjoy around the table.

  • Experience Signature Cocktails:

    Think you could handle the cocktails people used to sip on back in the day? There were definitely some odd ones that may not be ordered too often at any pubs today. Experience some of the signature cocktails that were popular back then and compare them with your favourite Friday night treat.

  • Dinner Theatre:

    Interact with history through entertaining dinner theatre shows representing different eras in the timeline of food. See how our dinner theatre matches up to modern day cooking shows, which have swarmed television channels in recent years. With History on a Plate’s dinner theatre entertainment you will learn and have fun all at the same time. Laugh until your hungry and then eat until your full!

Ontario’s Central Counties has many great spots to enjoy unique cuisine. There are tons of different varieties featuring dishes from all over the world. But a visit to History on a Plate on November 22nd will give you a larger and more educated palate to better appreciate the foods you love. Why not combine your culinary and historical interests into one great event!

Come out to History on a Plate and become a savvy, educated food historian. Pre-registration is required. Visit http://www.townofws.ca/museum for all the tasty details. A full historian is a happy historian, so enjoy some great food and learn a whole lot of new stuff along the way!

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