Horseback Riding Adventures

Posted : September 8, 2015

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Escaping from the bustle of city life isn’t as hard as it seems. York Durham Headwaters has some great country excursions for you and your family, and yes, horseback riding adventures is part of that! Just outside of Toronto you’ll find a ranch experience like you never thought existed.
Headwaters Region is 2,534 kilometers of natural Ontario country-side. The source of some of the biggest rivers in Ontario, Headwaters is where nature and you can come together in a peaceful and real way. Just a 45 minute drive from Toronto, you can plan your escape and blend into the beautiful greenery that Ontario has to offer, without breaking the bank or planning for weeks.
Headwaters, which is in and around Orangeville, offers 110 kilometers of riding trails. The Caledon Trailway is the longest, spanning 36 kilometers – this is a chance for you to really get to know your horse and truly engage with nature and the adventure of horseback riding. Shorter trails are around the area, with mini tract trails at just 1.5 kilometers for those new to the activity. The trails in general span larger areas in Headwaters, giving you a new path to explore every time you come. Check out the list of trails and find one that suits you! With so much natural beauty around, you can ride the trail, let your horse graze on the green grass and drink from the rivers, and have a real country equestrian experience.
One of the renowned ranches to check out when in Headwaters is Rawhide Adventures Inc. Working out of Peace Valley Ranch Ltd, this working cattle ranch is only 1.5 hours from Pearson Airport. They offer a range of packages for riders, often including a snack or meal at the ranch along with the ride. For more experienced riders, long trail rides are available, while for kids, new riders, or those with a fear of horses, lessons can be arranged. Those of all ages are encouraged to come and try their luck at an age-old sport and activity.
Horseback riding adventures don’t just stop at trails – Rawhide Adventures offers birthday parties, stag and bachelorettes parties, anniversary celebrations, and proposals. For anyone looking for something a little different, riding horses out on an Ontario ranch is the way to go. Check out the list of other great ranches and get riding!
After a long day of fun and playing with horses, check out Headwaters delicious dining services. Cafes, pubs, gourmet fare, and tearooms are abundant here, and you’ll be sure to find something for everyone. The freshest ingredients often sourced from local farms are available to indulge your senses in.
Headwaters is here for your horseback riding adventure with 23,000 horses in the region, 2,224 horse boarding and breeding farms, 110 kilometers of riding trails and some of the country’s finest facilities and equestrian schools. Plan your trip now and escape from the bustle of the city!

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