How to look like a Pro on the Green

Posted : July 7, 2015

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A beautiful summer calls for days to lounge, relax and play a round of golf. You might have all the gear, but shy away from the game due to a lack of understanding golf etiquette. Follow along as we tell you how to look like a pro on the green!


Arriving a bit before the game starts is a good way for you to get sorted out and have time to hit some practice shots. To warm up, first ensure your bag is all in order. Once you have all that you need, you can go ahead and hit a few soft wedge shots before heading out the practice green to hit a few putts. Don’t go overboard though and expend yourself on the practice round.
Each golf course is a little bit different and can have different rules. Check the scorecard to get an idea of the local rules. Ensure that all your companions are on the same page regarding the game stakes, and make sure your ball is clearly identifiable.

Don’t be Slow:

Consistently being the slowest player can be cumbersome to your group, as well as the groups behind you. To ensure you maintain an appropriate pace, study the wind and strength needed to hit the shot, prior to your turn. The time between you selecting your club and hitting the shot should be no more than 30-45 seconds. If you don’t feel ready to take your shot, encourage another player in your group to go ahead of you. As a rule of thumb, never search for a lost ball for more than five minutes.

Maintain the Course:

As the turf invariably explodes on impact, replacing your divot is necessary. To do this, you can either use to toe of your shoe to kick in the turf around the edges of the divot, or use the container of seed and soil mixture in your cart to fill in the divot.
Bring a rake into the bunker with you and after hitting the shot, rake the area where you played from. Remember to cover all your footprints as well. Ensure the area is left nice and smooth – it should look how you would want it if you were to take a new shot.

Respecting your Companions:

An absolute rule on the green is never standing in another player’s putting line, which is the imaginary line connecting the ball to the hole. Take note of where everyone’s balls are located, and make a point to steer clear of the line to the hole. Have as little distraction as possible, as concentration is key to one’s game. Turning cellphones off or on silent is respectful to the players in your group. Remember to yell “fore” if your ball is hit astray and in potential danger of hitting someone else on the course.
Congratulate the winners at the end of the game and shake hands with everyone in your group. The time you spent with your fellow players is the real enjoyment of the game, so ensuring that camaraderie is maintained is good practice. Grabbing some drinks afterwards doesn’t hurt either!
Now you’re ready to look like a pro on the green! Check out the beautiful courses in the Central Counties and putt away!

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