Ice Fishing in Georgina

Posted : January 1, 2020

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Ice fishing season is upon us! and while you may have thought all there is to catch is a cold, we’re here to tell you otherwise. There are fewer winter experiences that are more quintessentially Canadian than ice fishing.

The community of Georgina, on the southern shores of beautiful Lake Simcoe, world-renowned as an ice fishing destination, has a long history of ice fishing. Today, the landscape is white-on-white and it feels more like being in northern Canada than a little more than an hour away from downtown Toronto.

Ice Fishing Hut
Fishing in Hut
Ice Fishing

Ice Hut Operators in Georgina

Casey’s Fish Huts

81 Clovelly Cove, Port Polster


KS Lake Simcoe Ice Hut Rentals

99 Holmes Point Rd, Pefferlaw


Hank Heyink Fish Huts

3196 Baseline Rd, Sutton

(905) 722-3718

Ice Fishing Outfitters

15 Hadden Rd, Sutton

(905) 715-9718

Jason’s Fish Huts

Jackson’s Point, Sutton

(905) 955-1104

Pefferlaw Fish Huts

202 Holmes Rd PT, Pefferlaw

(705) 437-1890

Snake Island Fish Huts

967 Lake Dr N, Keswick

(905) 955-0027

Steves Fish Huts

99 Holmes Point Rd, Pefferlaw

1- 888-525-3474


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