Learn with Credit Valley Conservation

Posted : October 18, 2021

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Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) is a community-based environmental organization, dedicated to protecting, restoring and managing the natural resources of the Credit River Watershed. As the primary scientific authority for the watershed, CVC works in partnership with municipal governments, schools, businesses and community organizations to deliver locally-based programs.

CVC has some super educational and fun videos you can entertain the kids with and even try out some arts and crafts at home. Visit their YouTube Channel for more videos!

Making binoculars to spot signs of spring at home!

Kindergarten to Grade 4 students will discover some of the habitats along the Credit River and learn about the animals that live within them.

Use nature to make art!

Identifying different types of clouds to predict changes in weather. Step outside and take a look at the clouds in you neighbourhood, what kind of weather is coming your way today?

Follow along for instructions, ideas for materials, designs and more. #LearnWithCVC

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