Make it to these Ontario Hot Spots before Summer is Out!

Posted : August 11, 2015

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We wait for summer all year long, and just as soon as it starts, it seems to be over. That to-do list of activities never seems to grow shorter, and you find yourself busy every day. Some of us choose “stay-cationing” this summer, and Ontario has a plethora of fun things to offer. We’ve rounded up a list of some great places to visit this season, so we hope you make it to these Ontario hot spots before summer is out!
For starters, check out Main Street Markham in Newmarket, Ontario. Here you will find quaint restaurants and eateries as well as local shops that sell everything from jewellery to gifts and souvenirs.
Not only is Main Street Markham a great shopping destination, it is also scenic and relaxing. This stretch of downtown has a vibrant combination historic richness with a modern twist to it. There have been several movies shot in this specific location because it looks like the perfect small town.
For those who love the outdoors and enjoy a little thrill, Treetop Trekking in Stouffville is the perfect summer spot. Bruce Mill Conservation area in Stouffville is home to some exciting activities that include zip lining and an aerial game park. Take fun to new heights and explore the treetops! Activities include wooden bridges, swinging logs, hammock nets, and lots of zip lines – all up in the trees! For younger patrons, underground tunnels and a network of tree houses are sure to keep them busy.
Summer nights are just as magical as summer days, so once the sun has set, head over to the David Dunlap Observatory in Richmond Hill. The sky is the limit and here, you really can let your imagination go wild. From May to November, the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada offers educational and public outreach programs. Here is Canada’s largest optical telescope, constructed in the 1930s! Bring the family and transport yourselves to galaxies of dreams.
There’s nothing quite like fresh fruit and locally produced food in the summer! Ontario boasts some of the most delicious fare, with a wide variety of choice. Archibald Orchards and Estate is a wonderful fruit winery located at the foothills of Oak Ridges Moraine in Thornhill. For those who love farm life, you have the opportunity to pick your own apples at this family owned farm! The farm does everything from growing apples, baking pies, to fermenting and bottling fruit for wine. Have a culinary experience like no other, and taste the fruit of Ontario this summer!
You don’t have to travel south to get around with your family this summer! Rediscover what your province has in store for you, and experience it like never before! For more information, please visit our website.

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