The Many Hockey Players of Ontario's Central Counties' Outdoor Rinks

Posted : February 11, 2015

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Hockey season is in full swing and the outdoor rinks in Ontario’s Central Counties are filled with skaters of all ages. Playing hockey on an outdoor rink is about as Canadian as it gets and one of the best activities of winter! A little cold never stopped anyone; it merely provides motivation to skate harder and warm up. Ontario’s Central Counties has some of the finest rinks around and always welcomes new players to join in on the game. As you take to the ice this winter, there are some player types you are bound to come across.
The Dangler: This player could handle a hockey stick in a phone booth. They enjoy making a fancy move on an opposing player even more than scoring. Be careful when this player makes a move on you! Watch the body, not the puck, and the dangler will become powerless against you.
The Grinder: The Grinder always goes 110% and sometimes forgets the game is just for fun. They may be a little loose with their stick so keep a solid distance. This player makes up for their lack of skill with grit and hard work. Make sure to put The Grinder on your team because they can be difficult to play against.
The Passer: Coaches always say to pass the puck because the puck moves faster than you can. The Passer is a player that loves to get assists and will always choose a sweet pass over the shot. They are like the quarterback of the ice rink, constantly looking for openings where they can feed their teammates. The passer is a selfless and great player to have on the ice with you.
The Captain: All outdoor rinks have that one player that takes it upon themselves to organize the game, act as a referee, and act as the team’s leader.  The Captain is never shy to yell encouraging comments to their teammates and essentially be the voice of the team. The Captain is usually an older player and has a decent amount of skill to back up their leadership role.
The NHL Aspirer: Finally, comes the NHL aspirer. This person truly believes, in their heart, that they are going to the NHL and no one can tell them otherwise. They treat every second on the ice as if it is Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. In Canada, we respect dreams such as these and fully support our fellow players. Go, you little dreamer, go!
Come out to Ontario’s Central Counties and join one of the many hockey games taking place. All types of players are welcome, as long as you are a good sport and like to have fun. Grab some friends, lace up the skates, and we will see you on the ice in Ontario’s Central Counties.

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