The Many Wonders Of The Santa Claus Parade

Posted : December 3, 2014

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The Santa Claus parade is an annual festive celebration that brings kids and parents alike to see extravagant floats, marching bands, flying candy canes, and the main attraction, the jolly man in red and white. With so many performers and attractions, it is an event that has something for everyone. The Santa Claus parade is not about celebrating any particular holiday, but rather about bringing families, neighbours, and friends together to have a good time in this festive season. It is a celebration for everyone. It is a memorable moment in a child’s upbringing to attend the parade year after year, and often becomes a family tradition they will continue with their kids. This is a parade that occurs all over the world and Ontario’s Central Counties is proud to host some of the best and most joyous events around. Be sure to set your calendars because you won’t want to miss this! Today we are talking about some of the things you are bound to see while attending one of this year’s parades.

  • AMAZING FLOATS: Each year, volunteers come together to build and operate wildly creative and attractive floats to be featured in the parade. The floats are an amazing prelude to Santa Claus himself as they dazzle the crowd. Choose your favourite float as they all pass by and have fun thinking of what you would create if you were building your own float. Maybe next year you can make your float idea a reality!
  • CLOWNS: A staple of any Santa Claus parade are the fun loving clowns. They always get the crowd’s energy levels up with their juggling, dancing, and magic tricks. Does your child have a fear of clowns? Not after the parade because they are sure to put a smile on all the kid’s faces.
  • MUSICAL ENTERTAINMENT: Whether it’s a marching band or a live stage show, many Santa Claus parade’s feature musical entertainment to get everyone up and dancing. It is always a great moment to hear the marching band approaching from a distance because that means the parade is on its way! The drums beat and the trumpets blare as Santa Claus draws nearer. The musical entertainment is often the life of the party and sets the tempo for what’s sure to be an awesome day.
  • FACE PAINTERS: Nothing your children love more then getting transformed into a scary lion or curious cat with face paint. Santa Claus parades have it all, including dedicated and talented face painters. It always seems to heighten the experience of a child’s day and easy to wash off later, which the parents appreciate. Let your child’s inner animal come out and listen to them roar!
  • SANTA CLAUS: Here come’s Santa Claus! The crowd will scream and shout when the final float rolls down the street bearing the man that everyone has come to see. Santa Claus’s reindeer leading the way, carrying the happiest man in the world in the sleigh behind them. Santa has a habit of throwing candy canes to all the children around him, so stay alert if you have a sweet tooth!

If you want to see all these things and more, make sure to check out these Santa Claus Parade’s happening right here in Ontario’s Central Counties in the month of December. There is something for everyone!
DECEMBER 6th Whitby Santa Claus Parade: Head out to Whitby on December 6th to catch all the festivities in their annual Santa Claus Parade. With clowns and dance groups packing the streets, the crowd is sure to get into the festivities!
DECEMBER 6TH Bolton’s Santa Claus Parade: Organized by the Bolton Kinsmen, Bolton’s Santa Claus Parade always has great floats for everyone to enjoy.
DECEMBER 6th Schomberg Santa Claus Parade: The historic main street in Schomberg is host to the annual Santa Claus Parade, which never fails to bring out the community for a day of fun in December.
DECEMBER 6TH Shelburne’s Santa Claus Parade: There is a big perk included at this parade: FREE hot chocolate at Jack Downing Park. Everyone knows the only thing in the world better then hot chocolate is free hot chocolate.
DECEMBER 6TH Port Perry Santa Claus Parade: Catch all the sights and sounds from this parade located in Port Perry. Bring the family out from 5pm to 9pm and end off with a lovely dinner out on the town.
DECEMBER 13TH Sunderland Lions Santa Claus Parade: Perhaps you were beginning to think December 6th was Ontario’s Central Counties agreed upon day for the Santa Claus Parade. But Sunderland holds theirs on the 13th, so come out and enjoy the festivities for one of the best days of the holidays.
Ontario’s Central Counties is the number one spot for your annual Santa Claus Parade. There are also tons more winter activities to enjoy. Come out and have some fun in Ontario’s Central Counties!

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