Old Flame Cheers

Old Flame Road Trip: Adult-Friendly Date Night Ideas in Newmarket

Calling all the Old Flames – here you have it! A thoughtfully crafted summer date night (and afternoon) itinerary in Newmarket, tailor-made specifically with all you seasoned romantics in mind!

Stroll hand in hand through Beautiful Trails

Newmarket Trails & York Region Forest

Embers of nostalgia flicker this summer in Newmarket, calling on old flames to rekindle the romance of yesteryears. Begin your date with a leisurely walk along one of the many beautiful trails throughout Newmarket. Breathe in warm, fresh air, as you listen to the melodies of birdsongs serenade you from above – the magic of the outdoors awakening your senses.

Maintained by the Town of Newmarket, the trails are well lit and have several rest stops with washrooms and benches for cherishing moments of shared serenity. Hand in hand under the warm summer sun, these trails are the perfect place to weave yet another chapter in the story of your enduring romance.

From downtown, here are a few entry points to Newmarket’s trail network with nearby parking:

  • George Richardson Park, on Bayview Parkway
  • The Tannery Mall, on Davis Drive
  • Fairy Lake, near Water Street
  • Cane Parkway, north of Mulock Drive
  • Paul Semple Park, on Savage Road

Looking for an accessible trail option?

Trail Walk York

York Region Forest boasts four trails accessible to wheelchairs, strollers, and other devices. Check out https://www.york.ca/environment/forests/york-regional-forest  for more details.

Let Love Blossom

Country Cut Flowers

Nothing says I love you like taking your date to a local flower farm does! Together, you can hand-pick flowers, crafting a bouquet that’s as beautifully unique as your bond.

Located on Miller’s Sideroad is Country Cut Flowers – a flower farm, where the timeless allure of love meets the vibrant bloom of the season. A romantic rendezvous amidst fragrant fields of blooming flowers is bound to earn you some bonus points with your beloved!

PS. Please note you must book online ahead of time as the number of guests per time slot is restricted to provide you with an intimate experience! Each ticket includes a mason jar for you to fill with the beautiful tulips and daffodils that you choose and cut, but you are asked to bring your own pair of scissors or garden trimmers.

Woman Holding Flower

Treat your sweetie to a sweet treat

The Maids Cottage

For those familiar with the area, The Maids Cottage and its famous handmade butter tarts need no introduction. But for newcomers, welcome to a culinary delight that you won’t soon forget!

A buttery, flaky and golden-brown pastry shell cradling a delicious filling that strikes the ideal balance between gooey and creamy – you see, ‘perfect’ somehow feels like an understatement. But don’t just take our word for it – in 2022, they won best butter tarts in Ontario! 

So, ready to taste the epitome of butter tart perfection? Head over to Main Street South to experience The Maids Cottage for yourselves. Here, you’ll savour the sweetness of tradition, as you and your loved one delight in each bite of the handcrafted butter tarts, made from a cherished generational recipe.

Did you hear the call? Listen closely! From 250 meters ahead, atop the hill, Old Flame Brewing Co. is summoning all old flames (yes, that means you, long-time lovers!) to indulge in the refreshing taste of a handcrafted lager or specialty beer. And lucky for you, the brief stroll to get you there is lined with wonderful shops, fascinating heritage sites and architecture.

History-lovers rejoice!

Discovering Main Street

Newmarket is a town rich in Quaker history, and Main Street South stands as a testament to its rich history, with each building whispering tales of bygone eras.

While the architecture along Main Street South is undoubtedly captivating, don’t forget to cast your gaze downward to discover the heritage sidewalk markers as you make your way up the hill! Engraved into the stones are tales of the notable buildings that line the street, offering a glimpse into stories of the past, as you and your timeless companion journey through the present.

Where history meets hops in every pint

Old Flame Brewing Co.

Old Flame Beer

From its roots as the local fire hall in 1952 to its vibrant present as a brewery that embodies community, this cherished building holds stories as rich as the brews they craft!

At Old Flame Brewing Co., you’ll experience the perfect blend of rustic charm and inviting warmth in the open concept brewing space, thoughtfully decorated with repurposed industrial relics. You’ll understand exactly what we mean when you arrive – it’s the perfect spot for a date night filled with reminiscing with your sweetheart, honouring history with every sip.

Our favourite part (aside from sipping their delicious specialty ales to live music on a Saturday)? With a bustling calendar of events in collaboration with local artists, actors, culinary businesses, and crafty retailors, it’s clear that the Old Flame Brewery in Newmarket is dedicated to its roots as a fire hall by fervently supporting and serving its community.

While we have so much to share about the lively and friendly atmosphere you’re going to experience at Old Flame, we wouldn’t dare move on without mentioning they hold the title as Canada’s most awarded craft lager brewery! Having tried many of their refreshing flavours, we can confirm Old Flame is dedicated to brewing excellence and crafting memories.

So Beer isn’t your Thing?

Wine on Main

Wine on Main is Ontario’s first self serve wine bar! What’s that you may ask? This innovative spot offers an impressive selection of local and international wines, all available at the touch of a button. Simply grab a glass, choose your pour size, and explore a diverse array of flavors at your own pace. With its chic ambiance and cutting-edge self-serve system, Wine on Main provides a unique and delightful way to savor your favorite vintages or discover new ones, making it a must-visit destination for wine enthusiasts.

End The Evening with Nostalgia

Stardust Drive-In


Experience the magic of nostalgia at Stardust Drive-in Theatre, just outside of Newmarket, where every visit promises to be an enchanting journey through time. As the sun sets, couples can snuggle up under the stars and enjoy the latest blockbusters or timeless classics from the comfort of their car. The retro charm of the drive-in adds a touch of romance, offering a unique and memorable way to end a date night. Whether you’re sharing popcorn, cuddling close, or simply basking in the glow of the big screen, Stardust Drive-in Theatre creates an atmosphere that is both timeless and unforgettable, making it the perfect finale to a romantic evening in Newmarket.


The Postmark Hotel

Exciting news awaits on Newmarket’s Main Street: The Postmark Hotel is on its way! While the building has been a landmark since the early 1900’s, serving as a post office and community hub, the reimagined Postmark Hotel is set to debut soon, bringing with it a renewed focus on community, art and gathering.

Featuring café and bar services in the lobby open to guests, neighbours, and out-of-towners alike, we’re eagerly anticipating a warm and inviting atmosphere that we simply cannot wait to check out (or should we say, check-in)!

Use this exact trip or take inspiration from it to craft your unique itinerary with VisitYDH’s road trip planner. This handy tool lets you personalize every aspect of your date night adventure, whether you want to follow our suggestions to the letter or mix and match activities to suit your tastes. With countless options at your fingertips, Newmarket is ready to make your date night truly special, providing the perfect backdrop for romance, fun, and unforgettable moments. Start planning now and let Newmarket’s charm sweep you off your feet!

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