Ontario Honey Creations

Posted : November 3, 2020

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Ontario Honey Creations

Videography by Barry Best 

This family owned and operated business is dedicated to providing seasonal terroir honey and artisan honey vinegars. What started as only two hives in 2012 has grown into a thriving business with over 400 active hives today. With three locations in the Greater Toronto Area, including Headwaters Region, you can taste the unique regional flavours from each area.

Raw, unpasteurized honey has naturally occurring beneficial enzymes and local pollens, making it more than just a sweetener. It’s a good-for-you product that you can feel good about. And Ontario Honey Creations is a good-for-the-environment business that you can feel good about supporting.

If great local honey products isn’t enough of a reason to make you buzz on over, then you should know that a portion of each sale goes to help support Ontario Honey Creations’ passion project, Toronto Bee Rescue. This organization provides free honeybee swarm removal services, and humane honeybee hive removals. At a time when bee communities are critically threatened and are perceived as a nuisance, it is reassuring to know that people in our region care about these amazing little creatures, and are doing everything they can to help them thrive.

Story by Katherine Ryalen

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