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Posted : January 1, 2020

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Winter’s short days and frigid temperatures are the perfect recipe for the blues. We say, kick the blues to the curb with a hearty dose of exercise – outside!

It’s not as crazy as it sounds. In fact, when you take your workout out of doors, it feels more like play. As well as the usual physical and mental health benefits of exercise, you enjoy added bonuses as well. Think: no membership fees, free all-natural vitamin D and a mental workout as you take in the changing terrain of the natural environment.

Think of York Durham Headwaters as your own personal backyard and come out and play today!

Adjust Your Altitude

There’s a reason skiing and snowboarding are classic winter activities! It’s tough to beat the feeling of flying down a snow-covered hill.

Brimacombe Ski Resort Orono

The Uplands Golf & Ski Club is the local favourite for beginners of all ages. Their certified instructors are terrific, the slopes are fantastic and their chili is to die for – what more could we ask?

For challenging snowboarding in a deluxe setting, check out the powder at Dagmar Ski Resort! You’ll tackle the largest Terrain Park in the region, with over 60 features laid out in four progression parks.

Lace ‘Em Up

Glide through the 250-metre Richmond Green Skate Trail , which is dotted with trees and smiling faces. The trailway is equipped with heated washrooms and change rooms, as well as free parking. We like to skate at night when the trees sparkle with lights and music fills the air. It’s the perfect midwinter date!

Ice Skating

Invigorate Your Practice

You’ve heard of hot yoga but what about snow yoga? Also known as snowga, it’s the cool trend sweeping Instagram this winter! Sample this om-mazing new take on yoga at the Winter KaBa Kamp at Forks of the Credit Inn! You’ll enjoy daily yoga, snowga and cross-country skiing as well as off-site excursions and more!

Dashing Through the Snow

Forget the one-horse open sleigh – saddle up at Pathways on Pleasure Valley and take on the trails by horseback this winter. Plowing through the snowy pathway, you’ll feel like a pioneer atop your trusty steed. Remember to make reservations in advance so your plans go off without a hitch!

Pathways Riding

Single Track Snowflake

Ramp up the adventure – and the speed – with fat biking this winter! You can rent a specially-designed bike at the Albion Hills Conservation Area and spend your day cruising the groomed trails of the Black Loop. If renting a fat bike, be sure to call in advance to book your ride!

Fat Biking

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