Rain Doesn't Dampen Spirits of the Bowmanville Apple Festival

Posted : October 28, 2013

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apple display at Bowmanville apple fest
I was worried when I heard there was rain in the forecast that it might keep people from coming out to celebrate the Bownmanville Apple Festival. As a travel writer I know that the weather doesn’t keep me from going out to attend an event or stop enjoying a vacation. I make the best of every situation and apparently the people of Bowmanville know this too! Many people at the festival said it rains almost every year on the day of the festival and they don’t seem to mind it one bit!
The streets of Bowmanville were closed and packed with people celebrating their community and of course apples! Vendors lined the streets selling fresh picked apples and everything you can possibly think of that was made with apples. Jam, pies, cookies, cakes, strudel, cider and of course candy covered apples!
jam and apples on display at Bowmanville apple fest
The most popular vendor at the festival had to be the Christian School’s fundraiser booth. Inside the tent they made fresh apple fritters and I mean fresh! There were over 20 people inside the tent working in tandem. Everyone had a role. Apple peelers were in charge of peeling the apples (as I said these fritters are fresh) which were passed to the batter makers who mixed the batter. The dough was smothered in cinnamon and then it was passed back to several fryers who tried to keep up with the huge line of people waiting outside the tent for the fresh and hot apple fritters. It’s a popular festival favourite and it was amazing to watch everyone try and keep up with the orders.
people eating apple fritters at Bowmanville apple fest
Along the street there were many musicians playing for the crowds. Several tents were set up and crowds gathered around to enjoy the music. Jazz bands, country bands and rock bands each playing under their tents as the crowds walked with their umbrellas to stay dry.
live music at the Bowmanville apple fest
No one seemed to mind the rain when it started to fall. It was business as usual all along the festival route. People browsing the many booths, talking with their neighbours and enjoying all the festival had to offer.
people standing in rain at Bowmanville apple fest
Other activities at the fair included a visit from an elephant from the Bowmanville zoo. He was happy to give some kids a fun ride around the parking lot. Of course what would a fall festival be without a midway. There were also a few rides and carnival games set up including a Ferris wheel to entertain the family.
elephant at Bowmanville apple fest
There was even more to do and see in Bowmanville. Of course it wasn’t just about the apples. The many local shops along the street were filled with shoppers. Fun gift stores filled with country trinkets, a shop devoted to all things British, bakeries filled with yummy treats, craft and antique stores were all filled with people exploring this amazing city.
Even the Clarington firefighters were on hand to help the kids up on the truck for a special tour. They handed out fire safety kits and asked their parents about their home fire plans. Kids also got their own little fire hats before boarding the truck to honk the horn. But then as so often happens with the firemen, they got a call and quickly packed up their truck and sped off to fight a fire.
firetruck at Bowmanville apple fest
We had a fun day at the Bowmanville Apple Festival. I was so happy to see all the people enjoying the festival despite the weather. It truly put a smile on my face.
Sharon M is a travel blogger and writer at DreamTravelMagazine.com an online travel blog based in Thornhill, Ontario.

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