Après Ski, without the Ski!

Whoooooooooah! Winter Lock Down Alert!

At YDH, we love visitors, but we also want everyone to enjoy winter safely during COVID-19. During lockdown, it's important you and your family stay close to homewhile taking the opportunity to explore all the wonderful things to do in your own backyard. Don't know what's in your own backyard? Visit ontariotravel.net to re-discover some pretty cool activities all over the province while supporting your local businesses and communities. If you are lucky enough to live in YDH (we are biased), we've got some great ideas for you to hibernate in style, get active outside, learn something new and celebrate this awesome season...virtually or in-person.

Remember safety is a choice you make and we look forward to seeing non-locals again soon.

Please check with all businesses for updated hours of operation, prgogramming, COVID-19 policies, and restrictions.

One of the most eagerly anticipated winter activities each year is easily ‘hitting the slopes’, if you’re a skier, that is! While this year may have you questioning whether or not to jump in the car, loaded up with your gear, to enjoy on the ski hills; the après ski experience does not have to be sacrificed too! And what if we told you that you don’t actually need to leave York Region to enjoy the slopes?

kids skiing

Whether you’re a pro at skiing, or hoping to finally learn how-to, Uplands Ski Club, right here in Thornhill, is the perfect place to go skiing, close to home. Snowboarding is also an option, but be sure to call ahead to confirm their hours and schedules.

Now, if you’ve decided to forego the slopes, in favor of sticking to home base this winter, then cozy it up and mingle with your bubble. Add in your friends and family via Zoom, and talk the night away, while sipping on some local brews. To help get you started, we’ve listed a few local options to complement your night.

Hungry Brew Hops in Newmarket has launched their Hop Shop where you can now pre-order a carefully curated charcuterie board paired with wine for your at-home enjoyment, along with beer or meal packs to go. Also nearby in Newmarket, is Market Brewing Co. where not only can you load up on their best brews, but also hand-picked selections from other Ontario breweries and cideries, through their recently launched Market Bottle Shop.

Market Street Beer

For a more varied assortment of flavours, consider A Taste of Main Street In a Bag, where a delicious collection of bites and products from local small businesses in Markham have been diligently assembled, as an adaption to their A Taste of Main Street Tour, for your safe enjoyment at home.


But, before sitting back to indulge in these goodies, those of you with kids at home might want to give some thought to fun DIY activities to keep the kiddies entertained, and, luckily, we’ve got a few ideas for you on that front too!

Kids doing Christmas Crafts

Check out Glama Gals Kids Spa, with locations in Vaughan and Newmarket, for their Glam Craftery Boxes, filled with fun activities for kids, which can be ordered online ahead of time. And for an extra $35/hour, you can turn this into a live instructor led virtual activity with a Glama Gals staff member, for a more interactive experience for them, and less of a hands-on project for you. Sounds like money well spent to me!

Crock A Doodle in Markham has a number of doodle-to-go project kits to choose from, complete with paints, brushes and step-by-step instructions. Scroll through their selections online, from platters to cookie jars to popcorn bowls, to find that perfect kit. Make sure you get the kids craft station set up and let their creativity run wild.  Crock A-Doodle locations can also be found in Aurora, Georgina and Stouffville.

Or you can always just make it a movie night for the kids! Whatever you decide, end off the night with some Belgian Hot Chocolate bombs from Old Firehall Confectionery with locations in both Vaughan and Markham, for their own fancy warm drink.

Chocolate Bombs

Turn on the fireplace or maybe just crank the thermostat up a few degrees for that extra cozy feel. Enjoy your night. Repeat as needed.