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This article is an oldie but a goodie!

Posted: December 23, 2021

Our blog is chock full of great ideas for fun things to see and do in York Durham and Headwaters. We are always adding new content and updating old posts, but sometimes you might stumble upon something from our vault. If this article has inspired you to hit the road, be sure to double-check that the featured stops in this post are still welcoming visitors.

With Winter seems to come the opportunity to start afresh. It might be the blanket of clean snow or bright sunshine, but it’s time to get those creative vibes moving and express your originality!

Gather your favourite friend and sign-up for an evening of painting fun at A Gift of Art! Their two-floor gallery of art by local artists and artisans will not only inspire you but is available to purchase as a gift of art to yourself!

A Gift of Art

Indulge in true culinary artistry at Chanterelle’s Bistro where we are sure you will string together the words ‘this is the most delicious (fill in the blank)  I have ever tasted!’ -seriously! So much of the menu is naturally gluten-free, every dessert homemade, and a wine list to excite you, but most importantly an atmosphere of sophistication, yet so relaxed. Culinary art!

Tuck-in at The Hive Bed and Breakfast, a retro-executive home nestled among the snowy cedar trees and flowing stream. Choose between single rooms or the full house (it’s used exclusively by guests). Good for the soul!

The Hive Bee and Bee
the Hive

Finally, we are together again with live performances at Tribute Communities Centre. Check out the lineup of performers, comedians, and sport talent that is ready to entertain us for the first time in 2 years!

Down the road, the Robert McLaughlin Gallery proudly holds Canada’s largest collection of works by Painters Eleven and it’s the lovely history of support from local philanthropists. At least eleven of these works are on display at all times in our Painters Eleven gallery.

Art at Robert McLaughlin Gallery

Around the block, Avanti Trattoria shares a rich history serving people offering the very best Italian food in Oshawa. As is the case in Italian culture, they strive to make food the centre of a great conversation and make your ‘Avanti’ experience feel like you’re being served by old friends.