‘Eating Out Loud’ With Friends

Whoooooooooah! Winter Lock Down Alert!

At YDH, we love visitors, but we also want everyone to enjoy winter safely during COVID-19. During lockdown, it's important you and your family stay close to homewhile taking the opportunity to explore all the wonderful things to do in your own backyard. Don't know what's in your own backyard? Visit ontariotravel.net to re-discover some pretty cool activities all over the province while supporting your local businesses and communities. If you are lucky enough to live in YDH (we are biased), we've got some great ideas for you to hibernate in style, get active outside, learn something new and celebrate this awesome season...virtually or in-person.

Remember safety is a choice you make and we look forward to seeing non-locals again soon.

Please check with all businesses for updated hours of operation, prgogramming, COVID-19 policies, and restrictions.

Funny… ‘virtual visiting’ on a blustery winter’s weekend almost seems… ‘okay’ now that we’ve made it to 2021. So, we’ve put together the perfect, Sunday-kinda, social sharing, soiree.

Gather your friends virtually to meet up with cookbook author and host of TopChef Canada, Eden Grinshpan. She will be Zoomin’ in your living room as she is interviewed by local business owner, Lisa Hutchinson from The Passionate Cook’s Essentials. Prep your guests with copies of the book ‘Eating Out Loud’ from Blue Heron Books and challenge them to tackle a recipe to nosh on during the event. Secure their ‘seats’ by pre-registering at Blue Heron’s online store.  Or, if you’re within curbside distance, you can plan pick up of curated 4-course meals prepared by the culinary team at the urban PANTRY Restaurant, using recipes from Eden’s book. With locally-sourced and sustainable fare, this Feast On™ Certified restaurant is a key contributor to your party!

Urban PANTRYBookBurger

Check out more culinary workshops hosted by The Passionate Cook’s Essentials offered regularly.  When regulations permit, you and your guests can set out on a road trip to Uxbridge and relish all of the one-of-a-kind food producers and growers that work together and offer a taste of local – just follow these taste trails

Stew Dish