York Wine & Ale Trail

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Posted: October 1, 2017

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Yor Region's Wine & Ale Trail

Are you a fan of fine and tasty wine? Does local craft brew spin your gears? Do handcrafted spirits tickle your taste buds?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, then welcome to paradise – or as we like to call it: York Region.


Just a short drive north of Toronto, York Region boasts a bounty of exciting wineries, breweries and – yes – even a distillery that will tantalize all five senses.

Fresh ingredients burst forth from the region’s rich soil, producing lush ingredients for wine, cider, beer and spirits that just beg you to treat yourself!

Magnotta Winery Brewery Distillery Vaughan Patio

Discover York Region’s Wine and Ale Trail

Ah, wine! So tasty and complex.  It pairs wonderfully with rolling scenery and the delectable farm-to-table cuisine that you’ll find in York Region.  Whether you want fruit wine or traditional oenophile offerings that pair well with mouth-watering meals, your palate will be happy in York Region.

Willow Springs Winery

Next on tap is beer.  The craft brew movement continues to be strong in York Region, with copious frothy offerings often bearing witty names.  When you visit our local breweries, you’ll discover thirst-quenching favourites of every variety… including a blueberry lager!

Market St. Brewing

It seems the cat’s out of the bag about our region’s storied past.  During Prohibition, York Region was something of a hot spot for rum runners.  Maybe that explains the resurgence of fine spirits in the area?  Yes, you’ll find world class whiskey, gin, moonshine and blackstrap rum at our very own distillery!

Couple at Willow Springs

We invite you to discover all the York Region has to offer.  Whether you stay for the day – or plan a weekend getaway – you’re sure to enjoy a fantastic feast for mind, body and spirit.