Splash Festival Wraps Up the Season with a Big Beach Bash

It was a picture perfect day on Lake Simcoe on Saturday, blue skies, hot but not too hot, sailboats in the water and whole lot of people enjoying the Splash Festival’s final event of the season, The Big Beach Bash. The event was held at De La Salle Park in Jackson’s point a perfect venue to fit all the activities the organisers had planned.


The parking lot at De La Salle Park was full when I arrived to the bash, but there were plenty of signs navigating me to the Red Barn Theatre in Jackson’s Point which was the designated overflow parking lot for the event. I parked my car in the field and boarded the big yellow school bus shuttle for a very short 5 minute drive to the bash.

sign for beach at splash festival Splash Festival Beach Bash Labyrinth

As I followed the signs to the beach I spotted the familiar table with rocks which was at all the previous Splash Festival events. At Moonapalooza I decorated my stone and placed it into the treasure chest. I followed the progress of the chest at the Fantastic Forest Experience and now at the Beach Bash here it was – the Labyrinth made up of all the coloured stones. So of course I had to walk it in search of my stone! I circled slowly to the center of the Labyrinth seeing all the messages the children and parents left on their stones and their colourful creations. On my way back to the end of the Labyrinth – I found my stone! Thrills! The Labyrinth will be place at a local Georgina facility and I hope to visit and find my rock! Maybe there will be another great Splash Festival event to celebrate its grand opening!

But this event was about the Beach, so I made my way down following the sounds of the familiar bongo drums I heard at Moonapalooza. It’s a hypnotic beat that anyone can learn proven by the many children joining in with the Shaw Band.

People Watching Shaw Band Bongo Splash Festival Snakes Beach Bash Splash Festival

The beach was filled with people, children and sponsor tents. One of the most popular of the tent attractions was the Zoo to You display. It was filled with snakes, lizards, turtles and even a bunny rabbit on display for everyone to pet if they could catch him. Some brave kids even got to hold the snakes!

Water Balls Splash Festival Beach Bash Waterslide splash festival beach bash

On stage various bands played familiar tunes as the party goers, including an interesting dancing fish, danced along. A huge inflatable water slide provided some great thrills at the beach, but by far the most popular water activity were the water balls. Children were inserted into them and they were inflated around them so they could attempt to walk on the water as the balls rolled around them. There was much more to do including paddle boat rides, a swimming area and some large trampolines.

Just off to the side of all the Beach Bash activity was a remarkable little outdoor café set up next to the water. A band played jazz tunes as people sipped cool drinks and enjoyed some fresh baked treats. A pretty awesome relaxing oasis!

Quiet Cafe Splash Festival Beach Bash Splash Festival Sandcastle

Wrapping up its third year the Splash Festival was great fun to participate in this summer. As it continues to grow each year, I can’t wait to see what they come up with next year!

Sharon M is a travel blogger and writer at DreamTravelMagazine.com an online travel blog based in Thornhill, Ontario.

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