Springtime: Perfect for a Stroll and a Spot of Lunch at The White Truffle

Posted : May 1, 2014

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Streetview of The White Truffle

The White Truffle

Finally—spring is here!
It’s been an undeniably long, hard winter, and we’ve spent too many months digging ourselves out of our doorsteps and driveways. Now, a reprieve, a reward for our suffering: the temperature is rising and so is the collective mood. What better way is there to celebrate this atmosphere of renewal and regeneration than to hit the pavement in one of Central Counties’ small-town, historic districts? Some light shopping and a spot of lunch—it’s just what the winter-weary soul needs.
I recently attended an event at the Alton Mill Arts Centre in Caledon, and found myself with some time to fritter away before it was due to start. With nothing that needed urgent doing, and with such mild, fragrant spring air all around, I headed to nearby Orangeville to take in the town’s historic downtown district.
Dining Area of The White Truffle

A modern, but cozy atmosphere

A world away from big-city, big-box living, Orangeville is one of those places where the age-old charm of a century past still exists, despite our ever-evolving sense of modernity. In fact, the Town of Orangeville’s website promises that you will be “transported back in time as you wander through the streets of Orangeville and admire the simple homes and structures that defined an era long ago.”
The Warm Woolwich Goat Cheese Tart  at The White Truffle

The Warm Woolwich Goat Cheese Tart – yummy!

In the spirit of this modern-meets-antique feel, I stopped for a spot of lunch at The White Truffle, a small but comfortable restaurant and Martini bar. It is aesthetically modern in a building that is at least a century old, features refined contemporary cuisine, and showcases local ingredients when they are available.
Like the Warm Woolwich tart with Orangeville-local goat cheese. This savoury confection was bursting with shallots, wild mushrooms and leeks, and the wild blueberry compote served with it was the perfect finishing touch. Or the French toast on artisan bread, with peameal bacon and Mennonite maple syrup. A childhood favourite with a twist of sophistication.
Like many of the eateries and restaurants in the region, The White Truffle often takes part in community-wide programs. This past month it was one of the restaurants featured in Headwaters, A Taste of Maple. And to celebrate seasonal happenings that we all know and love, The White Truffle hosts events such as a Robbie Burns dinner in January, and a game tasting dinner in November.
French toast with Mennonite maple syrup at The White Truffle

French toast with Mennonite maple syrup

Finding a local gem of an eatery like The White Truffle is one of the best things about discovering a small town like Orangeville. It’s one of the many great things about Central Counties, in fact. Great local service with great local people and great local food.
You can’t get that in the big T-dot.
Katie Ryalen is a freelance writer and copyeditor. Blog: katieryalen.wordpress.com Twitter: @KatieRyalen

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