Tasty Winter Desserts For The Whole Family

Posted : December 10, 2014

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Winter brings activity and activity creates hunger! Ontario’s Central Counties will have you building up an appetite this winter as you trek down trails, skate across ponds, and throw around snowballs at your friends and family. Ontario’s Central Counties has many top restaurants where any hunger can be satisfied. These unique cuisines will have you fuelled up and outside again playing in the snow in no time! Try 369 Shanghai Dim Sum for some delicious offerings. To mix it up, take the family to A Taste of the Islands to experience the flavours of different cultures.
After dinner and a day of fun, you may find yourself huddled up in your home and looking to make something tasty for dessert. Here is a list of some fun and delicious winter treats to enjoy this holiday season:

  • Snowballs On A Stick: After a day in the snow, bring the fun indoors! Snowballs on a stick is a great creation you can make and enjoy with the kids. Both festive and delicious, this winter snack will have the family smiling and rubbing their bellies in glee. Careful though, the kids may just fight for the last one!
  • Fruit Biscuits: Winter eating can also mean healthy eating. Why not bake your holiday cookies with fruit this year and impress your guests by encouraging a healthy snack? These biscuits pack the flavour of traditional desserts with all the benefits of fruit too! Have your kids snacking the right way with this innovative winter treat.
  • Cinnamon Roll Waffles With Cream Cheese Glaze: Or let’s take the complete opposite view on winter snacking with this mouth-watering and seductive cinnamon roll waffle adaptation. Finding itself at the other end of the health spectrum, this dessert will certainly be the talk of the party with guests trying to resist the temptation to reach for seconds. Don’t feel guilty! It’s the holidays!
  • Robin’s Nests: Looking forward to spring again? This creative winter dessert is for the party guest that can’t wait to hear the birds chirp again as spring rolls around. Undoubtedly delicious and definitely playful, Robin’s Nests are a colourful holiday dessert to bring family together around the table. Enjoy these treats before the eggs hatch!
  • Warm Chocolate Puddings: It’s no secret that it’s cold out there! These puddings will have everyone rushing in from the cold and warming up in delicious fashion. Anything with chocolate immediately grabs the attention of everyone in the room. Warm chocolate puddings will be the dessert of the holidays. We dare you to have just one!

Ontario’s Central Counties is your culinary destination this winter. Explore many of the great eateries and take the family for a delicious night out! Afterwards try some of these great dessert recipes and get ready for another day of adventure tomorrow in Ontario’s Central Counties!

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