The 2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games Are Coming

Posted : March 18, 2015

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This year Toronto will play host to the world’s third largest international multi-sport Games. The Pan Am Games are going to be quite the spectacle this summer as athletes come to showcase their talents for the world to see. Ontario’s Central Counties is proud to welcome athletes competing at their venues in Ajax, Caledon, Markham, Mono, Oshawa, and Whitby. Set to be one of the best Games yet, everyone is buzzing with excitement to watch competition at its highest level.

Most events taking place in this year’s games are fairly common spectator sports, such as basketball, golf, tennis, swimming, and boxing. Other events are a bit more unique and many bring in audiences that have never experienced these sports take place before. Let’s have some fun today and mention some of the more rare events that athletes will be competing in this year.
The sport of handball will be among the many events this year. A competition that is known to see 50 or more goals in a single fast paced game is sure to attract some interested onlookers. Canadian spectators seem to enjoy quick sports, so grab your tickets for a handball match to check out something that is sure to keep your attention.
Roller Sports- Speed Skating
Event attendees at the 2015 Pan Am Games probably know a thing or two about roller skating, seeing as it is a relative to our beloved hockey. But watching roller skate speed skating in competition will be something new for a lot of people. Come check out the athletes that can stride the quickest and dazzle at how speedy 8 wheels can make you.
Table Tennis
Lots of people may know this game from their buddy’s basement, but seeing professional table tennis live is absolutely incredible. You will never know how they track that little white ball and hit it with such control and velocity. Buy tickets to a good table tennis matchup and you will not be disappointed.
Did you know everyone’s favourite extreme cottage sport will be an event in the games this year? That’s right, from its Pan Am Games debut in 1995; wakeboarding is now a fan favourite. Riders will be flipping through the air to impress judges and crowds alike.
There are so many great events taking place. Check out these spots in Ontario’s Central Counties where athletes will come to try to reach the podium:

  • Ajax will be hosting baseball and softball events this summer with their fields being transformed to meet International Baseball Federation standards. Learn more about Ajax and all there is to do there!
  • Caledon is no stranger to horse riding, which is why the equestrian events will be held at the beautiful Caledon Pan Am Equestrian Park. Learn more about events and attractions taking place in Caledon.
  • Markham, home to Angus Glen Golf Club, will welcome golfers to compete on their prestigious course. Start planning your trip to Markham today.
  • The Pan Am Games will be coming to Mono for a one-day equestrian cross-country event. Watch the riders and their horses take to the stage for an unbelievable display of athleticism (both human and animal). There is always something to do in the town of Mono.
  • Oshawa will host some tough events: weightlifting and boxing. If you like to marvel at the extremes of human strength and grit, these events will be perfect for you. Afterwards, check out all that Oshawa has to offer.
  • Whitby will welcome athletes coming to compete in Judo and Boccia events. The host facility in Whitby is ground breaking in setting new standards for accessibility in Ontario and Canada, which is definitely something to be proud of. Come see all the wonders of Whitby.

The 2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games are coming! There is an event for everyone to enjoy, so get your tickets and come watch the athletes compete in Ontario’s Central Counties!

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