Boy Holding Pumpkin

The Littlest Pumpkin in the Pumpkin Patch

Every year about this time, when the leaves begin to change,

From green to red and yellow and brown, all wondrous and strange,

The farms across the land awake, to welcome one and all,

To experience the harvest and the magic that is fall.

With Halloween not far away, the trick-or-treating waits,

Soon pumpkins will adorn front steps, and porches, windows and gates.

These pumpkins come from the pumpkin patch, all summer they do grow,

So that on one night of the year, their orange flesh will glow.

This is the story of one such patch, one pumpkin whose lifelong dream,

Was to one day be a Jack-o-Lantern, one special Halloween.

All summer long she thought about how wonderful it would be,

To be selected, to be chosen by someone like you, or like me.

But this little pumpkin, though full of hopes—you see, she was quite small.

While all around, her pumpkin friends grew round and fat and tall.

They dreamed as well of being picked, of being taken back,

To someone’s home, and there they would be turned into a Jack.

They said things like, “I’m tall, I say! I’ve room to draw big eyes.”

Or perhaps, “The thing is, I am wide. My seeds are the perfect size.”

This little pumpkin, so sweet of soul, was happy for her friends.

But deep inside she wondered, “How will my Halloween end?”

“My face is small and round and cute, not large or smooth of flesh.

My seeds, well surely they’re small, too. They’d not be roasted fresh.

I’ve little to offer anyone. Why on earth would they pick me?

My friends, they are much bigger. I fear no Jack I’ll be.”

But still she welcomed visitors to her patch there on the farm.

With smiles and delight she watched, as they tromped arm in arm,

Amongst the vines and through the mud. Their laughter warmed her heart.

Her friends were chosen one by one. Their lantern dreams would start.

The vines around her emptied out, the patch which once was bright,

With orange pumpkins growing there, now turned a muddy sight.

And even still she welcomed guests, was pleased to see their glee.

Was cheered by all their happiness. Oh, what a sight to see!

And then, quite unexpectedly, a pair of yellow boots,

The size of a child’s little feet stopped directly on her roots.

“Here it is, Dad,” she heard the voice, call happily above.

“I’ve found my pumpkin. It is here. This is the one I love.”

“But are you sure?” said Dad in reply. “Would a larger one not do?

You pick out the one you want. I’ll carry it for you.”

The child, he dug his gummy heels deep into the muck,

And said, “I’m sure. I know it, Dad. I’ve never had such luck.”

“This pumpkin is quite little. Its face is small like mine.

With my small hands, I’ll make a face. I know it will be fine.

Please, can I have this pumpkin, Dad? It’s sitting all alone.

I cannot leave it here like this. Please, can we bring it home?”

The little pumpkin dared not breathe. She hoped with all her might.

And her pumpkin heart nearly burst with joy when Dad sighed, “Oh, all right.”

Her stem was pulled from its crisp vine, and she was lifted through the air.

As she went up, she saw blue jeans, a red jacket, thick dark hair.

Beneath that hair there was a face. A small face, it was true.

And on it was a smile so wide, beneath a sky of blue.

Onto the tractor she was put, onto a bale of hay,

So the visitors who’d picked their Jacks, could now be on their way.

“I want my pumpkin in my lap,” the little boy exclaimed.

“And while we take the hay ride back, I’ll think upon a name.”

His small hands wrapped the pumpkin’s head, and cradled her so close.

And in that moment, she was sure, this day she’d remember most.

How could she think that just because she hadn’t grown so tall,

That she would not be wanted? That she wouldn’t be picked at all?

She’d glow so bright on Halloween, and show a brand-new face,

Drawn onto her and carved by Dad. The porch would be her place.

And so you see, my dearest friends: the pumpkin patch awaits.

Pumpkins grow, they yearn to glow, on your doorsteps, porches and gates.

Go pick a pumpkin, whether large or small. Pick the perfect one for you,

And be the one to make their Halloween dreams all come true.

Kids with Pumpkins

This October, visit the Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch at Downey’s Farm Market to pick a pumpkin of your very own. Downey’s Farm Market is located at 13682 Heart Lake Rd., Caledon. Visit them online at

Find the perfect pumpkin patch in York Durham Headwaters, we’ve rounded-up a few selections to get you started.

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