Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Posted : February 25, 2015

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One of the best things to do outside this winter is walk. Yes, walk. Whether you are looking for a fun new past time, or feel intimidated by overly strenuous activity, walking is a great habit to get into this winter. People often save walking for the summer time and spend the winter months in hibernation. However, the trails of Ontario’s Central Counties are spectacular in the snowy months and change the entire outdoor experience. There are many trails in Ontario’s Central Counties that are waiting to be explored. Get outside and take a walk in a winter wonderland.
Sheppard’s Bush Trail is available all year long for winter enthusiasts visiting the Aurora area. It is a favourite of power-walkers and for people trying to ramp up their exercise regime, but it can also be peaceful for walkers that want to spend some time with nature. Power walking is a fantastic workout without the stress and pounding on your joints that joggers sometimes experience. Put Sheppard’s Bush Trail on your walking to-do list this winter and get active!
Newmarket is home to the Mabel Davis Trail, which often finds its visitors spotting wildlife like cotton- tail rabbits, muskrats, and raccoons. But who knows what kind of unique animals you will be able to find playing in the snow? The winter is great for walking because of all the unexpected things that will pop up. Head down the Mabel Davis Trail this winter and meet some new furry friends.
South Richvale Greenway Walk is 4.5 km (round trip) along a beautiful section of the Upper East Don River. The fixed distance is great for competitive walkers that like to challenge their best time. Some points of the South Richvale Greenway Walk require a moderate level of exertion so this is a good trail to improve your fitness. Invite some friends to come enjoy the cool winter air and start walking!
Walking is a great way to free your mind and really appreciate the world around you. Check out George Richardson Park Trail to feel the mental benefits of walking through the great outdoors. The trail is in a vast 74-acre park so there is more than enough room to think in peace. If you are looking for inspiration, a winter walk could be just what you need to get those engines churning.
Ontario’s Central Counties is definitely a winter wonderland. Come out to one of the many trails and experience the benefits that walking has to offer. Whatever your reason may be, a good walk is a healthy way to get outside this winter. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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