Where to Go Ice Skating in Central Counties

Posted : January 21, 2016

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It’s that time of year again! Hot cocoa, warm scarves, and a day out on the skating rink. Despite the late start to winter this year, we’ve rounded up some great spots for you to check out. See below for where to go ice skating in Central Counties.
Mill Pond:
Located in the heart of Richmond Hill, Mill Pond is the perfect place for a day of skating and fun. The old town surrounding the area is beautiful to walk through, as is the trail leading around the pond. Bring your own skates, and join the others on the picturesque tree-lined pond. Always ensure you read the signs before stepping onto the ice, especially with the warmer temperatures we’ve had this year.
The city of Clarington has a great sports venue for skating and an assortment of indoor winter activities. For those who are hockey lovers and for those who enjoy public skating, the rink is perfect, especially when outdoor skating conditions are not ideal. Take a look at their hours of operation and admission charges to properly plan your visit. It’s advised that younger children bring their own helmets when using the facility.

Home to many parks, trails and outdoor rinks, Orangeville has it all for a day spent outdoors. Currently, their outdoor rinks are closed due to the unsafe ice conditions, however as the winter progresses and temperatures drop, they will be reopening their rinks. Check back to plan your visit. Some rinks for a great skate are Idyllwide Park, Princess of Wales Park, and Tony Rose Memorial Sports Centre. Sharpen those blades and get out there!
Town of Mono:
Also boasting three outdoor skating rinks, the Town of Mono has some great options to choose from. All the rinks are maintained by volunteers who generously donate their time to ensure the public can enjoy skating outdoors. Mono Community Centre, Purple Hill Park and Lloyd Armstrong Memorial Park are all open for your skating fun.
You should now have no problem figuring out where to go ice skating in Central Counties. Enjoy yourselves!

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