Wine It Up This Christmas With These Top YDH Pairings

If your family likes to eat and be merry with a glass of wine, make your holiday extra fine with these local YDH partners!


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‘Tis the season for family gatherings, holiday cheer and Christmas dinners. If your family likes to eat and be merry with a glass of wine, make your holiday extra fine with these local YDH partners!

When thinking about wine pairings, it’s important to think about the sweetness, sourness and bitterness of the food you’ll be eating as well as the fat content. This will help you decide what wine to pair with your meal! As a rule of thumb, meats that are lighter in colour like pork or chicken often pair best with white, rose and a lighter red on occasion. Game meats and those darker in colour typically go hand in hand with richer, more full-bodied wines like a Bordeaux or Shiraz.

Starting with a classic turkey dinner with all the fixings, white wine is typically the go-to. When asking the experts, the team at Adamo Estate Winery has a few recommendations. Their 2019 Estate Riesling is a lovely off-dry white that is balanced, concentrated and fruit-driven. With just a touch of sweetness, it pairs well with a classic turkey dinner and all the fixings!


Another fantastic white pairing is Adamo’s 2018 Estate Chardonnay. This vintage is a complex, medium-bodied wine aged in French Oak barrels. Flavours like apple, lemon, lime, pear and plum treat the forefront of your palate. With layered tannins and a backbone of acidity, this complex Chardonnay is sure to be a hit with your Christmas spread.

While white is typically the option for turkey, there are some reds that will pair nicely. If you love your cranberries and copious amounts of gravy on your potatoes, Adamo’s 2018 Estate Pinot Noir is a fantastic recommendation! While it’s a light-medium bodied red wine, this Pinot Noir is bursting with concentration and intensity. There are a plethora of red and black fruits such as raspberries and currants showcased in it along with soft tannins. Combined with the spicy notes that follow through and you have a perfect red wine to enjoy with your family’s turkey dinner.

However, if you’re looking to try something a little out of the ordinary, Norie Nersisyan of Holland Marsh Wineries recommends their 2019 Ephemere Baco Gamay. This medium-bodied red wine is very fruit forward and due to its lower tannins, allows it to pair well with turkey and not overpower the flavour. In addition, the tasting notes of raspberries and strawberries pair perfectly with cranberry sauce to really bring out those delicious flavours!

Holland Marsh

If your family opts for a roast leg of lamb instead of your more traditional roast beef or turkey, Norie recommends Holland Marsh’s 2018 Select Cabernet Merlot. With hints of black currant, you’ll also taste a touch of vanilla and spice from the oak barrels used to age the wine. The touch of acidity pairs perfectly with lamb as it cuts through the fat, making it a match made in heaven. 

For those who are feeling a little fishy this holiday season, you cannot go wrong with the 2019 Select Sauvignon Blanc from Holland Marsh. It pairs wonderfully with roasted salmon in a cream based sauce. Sauvignon Blanc is heavy in notes of fruits like peaches and grapefruit but it’s that zest or tang in the wine that makes it pair very well with the fattier content found in seafood.

As for dessert, you’ll want to head to Archibald’s Estate Winery in Bowmanville. They have crafted some incredible dessert wines that are the perfect way to complete Christmas dinner! One fantastic option is their Canadian Maple wine which pairs perfectly with a variety of delicious desserts such as shortbread cookies, pecan pie and even your classic Christmas cake. The crown jewel though has to be the “apple pie in a glass” – their Spiced Winter Apple dessert wine. Co-owner Sandy has said that some customers even refer to it “Christmas in a bottle”! While it does pair perfectly with a classic apple pie, it can serve as a dessert on its own if there just isn’t enough room for a slice.

Archibald's Estate Winery

This year, make Christmas dinner extra special by bringing home a taste of YDH. Whatever vintage you may select, please remember to enjoy responsibly!

By Lindsay Davis

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