5 Golden Rules of Golf Fashion

Posted : July 30, 2014

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For those who don’t golf regularly, or even for those who do, golf fashion can be a confusing part of the game. Flashy prints and unorthodox color combinations are certainly popular on the golf course right now, yet most courses still uphold a strict dress code. It’s a very fine line for the uninformed. If you want to avoid being the target of your friends’ jokes for 18 holes, consider following our golden rules!
Use loud prints sparingly
If you’re going to wear a flashy shirt, make sure your pants are a neutral color, and alternatively, if you’re sporting an unorthodox pair of trousers like John Daly’s, compliment it with a basic top. Yes, maybe John Daly’s pants are an extreme example, but we thought you’d enjoy them.

Beware of contrasting belts
Camilo Villegas has made contrasting belts a popular choice for many young golfers. Unfortunately, they can also really accentuate your waistline. If you’re after a more uncompromising look, play it safe and consider sticking with a neutral belt color.
Keep chunky belt buckles off the golf course
Unfortunately the issue with belts on the golf course doesn’t end with the strap. Oversized belt buckles from Lindeberg and Puma may be donned by some on the links, but we recommend you save the chunky buckle for your next trip to Texas.
When it comes to headgear, keep it simple
If it’s going to be a sunny day, you should absolutely protect your head and face with a golf hat or visor. However, those two items should be the only options you consider. You may be tempted to wear a safari hat like Rory Sabbatini, or flip the beak of your hat upwards like Jesper Parnevik, but until you make it to the PGA tour, keep it simple.

No need to break the bank
If you’re a frequent golfer, there’s no doubt that you’re going to want to have a decent set of clubs, some nice wicking golf shirts, and maybe even a range finder. That said, no one likes the guy who shows up with Hugo Boss golf gear head to toe, a brand new set of clubs, takes 5 practice swings before every shot, but can’t hit a fairway. Put it this way, figure out how to break 90 before you go and splurge on top-of-the-line golf gear.
What did you think about our golden rules? Did we forget any major golf fashion flops? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to keep our rules in mind before you head out to one of the many great golf courses in Ontario’s Central Counties!

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