5 Tips for Golfing with Your Kids

Posted : July 31, 2017

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Golfing with your kids is not only fun but also an excellent way to help them develop coordination, estimate distances, and interact with gravity and physics. The game gives you an opportunity to spend quality time together with the bonus of extra hours on the golf course for you. Plus, your golfing adventures may turn into a lifetime activity you can enjoy together. To ensure your kids’ time on the course is a hit, we’ve gathered a few tips.
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Golf Courses

Pick the right type of golf course according to your children’s playing abilities. Bathurst Glen in Richmond Hill offers a family golf course with tee off points for driving distances of 100 and 140 yards that conform to the United States kids golf specifications. Kids play for free every day of the week after twilight with a paid adult, and they offer two small baskets of balls for your family to warm-up at the driving range.

Photo Credit: Bathurst Glen Golf Course

Timing your Golfing Adventure

Be kind to your fellow golfers and children by planning the family outing in the evening when the golf course is less populated. Be prepared for your child to land the ball in the bunker repeatedly and remember to encourage them when they hit a bogey. Playing at dusk will give your kids the time they need to move through the course at their own pace without worrying about cranky players lining up behind you. Aurora’s St. Andrews Valley Golf Club encourages families to come 3 hours before sunset to play 9 holes of golf, and kids play for free with a paying adult.

Photo Credit: Cardinal Golf Club

Kid’s Golf Equipment

Junior players need clubs that are light and flexible with grips and lengths that match their size and height. For young children who are just beginning and under 42″ high, keep club choices simple with a driver, 7-Iron, and putter. For kids that are 42″ to 48″ tall and are beginner to intermediate players, consider adding a Hybrid, pitching, and sand wedge. Once your children are taller than 48″ and have a grasp of the game, add clubs that are appropriate to their skills and abilities.

Golf Course Etiquette

Before venturing out to the golf course with your children, teach them some course courtesy basics. Keeping the course clean, thinking about other teams, keeping quiet during a shot, patiently waiting for their turn, and not running around the course are good starters. Try not to overwhelm them with all the rules at once and focus on what is relevant to them. When you are on the course make them aware of other players, show them how to repair their divots, and most of all — enjoy your time together.

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Have Fun

Heading to the golf course with your children is a great way to spend time outdoors, enjoy nature, and get some exercise. The course is host to many things your child may find entertaining: ball washers, club scrubbers, raking sand bunkers, the local gopher or rabbit, and golf carts. Golf carts are a fun way to give your child a break and relieve fatigue. They provide a place for a small cooler filled with juice and snacks, and will carry your kid’s clubs. Keep it light and enjoy the ride. Remember, time with your children is an opportunity for you to connect, explore, and have fun.
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